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Pliocene Giraffidae (Mammalia) from the Hadar Formation of Hadar and Ledi-Geraru, Lower Awash, Ethiopia.
Note on a fossil ruminant genus allied to Giraffidae, in the Siwalik Hills.
Giraffidae from the Middle Miocene hominoid locality of Candir (Turkey).
Furthermore Okapia johnstoni (Sclater 1901) (the okapi) the second and very rare living species of Giraffidae is a fruit-dominated browser instead of being regular browser whereas the Giraffa camelopardalis (Gmelin 1788) is designated as a leaf-dominated browser (Solounias and Semprebon 2002).
Comparative dietary evaluations of an extinct Giraffid (Sivatherium hendeyi) (Mammalia Giraffidae Sivatheriinae) from Langebaanweg South Africa (early Pliocene).
The family Giraffidae consists of almost thirty species throughout the Neogene of Old World (Bohlin 1926; Hamilton 1978; Geraads 1986; Janis and Scott 1987; Gentry and Hooker 1988).
In the Lower Siwaliks of Pakistan three genera of family Giraffidae were found i.
The village Sardhok locality has yielded one of the best collections of Giraffidae from the early Pleistocene of the Siwaliks.
Ruminantia comprises four families namely, Tragulidae, Cervidae, Bovidae and Giraffidae.