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(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Leo

a zodiacal constellation in northern hemisphere between Cancer and Virgo

the fifth sign of the zodiac

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There is no doubt about that, just as there is no doubt that the history of Don Giovanni de' Medici and Livia Vernazza is a reflection of great love and struggle--political, emotional, and financial.
This book gives a lively account of the romantic relationship between Don Giovanni de' Medici (1567-1621), the illegitimate son of Florence's Grand Duke Cosimo I, and Livia Vernazza (1590-1655), a poor Genoese beauty of low birth.
Giovanni Villani mentions the removal of the tomb of an unspecified Giovanni de' Medici in his History of Florence, as noted by Mariani in his sepoltuario, ASF, Misc.
15) In his Dialogo dell'imprese militari e amorose of 1551, (16) Paolo Giovio tells us that the device was adopted by Giovanni de' Medici in 1512 on his return to Florence in token of his desire to be a mild ruler rather than a tyrant, quoting The Gospel according to Saint Matthew, Chapter XI, verse 30: 'My yoke is easy and my burden is light'--hence the motto suaviter that often accompanies it.
A case in point is Parker's discussion of the portrait of Giovanni de' Medici (1545).
58) Ercole Gonzaga (1505-63), a future cardinal and de facto ruler of Mantua for a few years, and Giovanni de' Medici (1475-1521), the future Leo X, are two examples.
13) A few scholars have mentioned in passing that the text of the Bible on Leo's table includes the verse: "There was a man sent from God, whose name was John" (John 1:6) and that this is probably an allusion to Giovanni de' Medici, Leo X.
It may be helpful here to consider the issue as it relates to the production of another body of civically and politically inspired art, the ephemeral structures created for the Florentine entry of Giovanni de' Medici as Pope Leo X.
He remained there when Giovanni de' Medici became Pope Leo X in 1513, and taught rhetoric at the University of Rome.
70) Lucrezia Tornabuoni's laude are in this tradition, but in March 1445, not long after her marriage to Piero de' Medici in June 1444 we find Rosello Roselli suggesting to her brother-in-law, Giovanni de' Medici, that a certain ser Francesco teach her a piece of secular(?
When Giovanni de' Medici (whom Bolzanio had taught Greek) became Pope Leo X, Pierio had found his patron.
Among these are two major narrative segments (the tale of Rodomonte's devastating, Turnus-like foray into Paris and the story of Grifone's ill-fated love for Orrigille and its unhappy denouement at the tournament of Norandino); the semi-autonomous episode of Norandino, Lucina, and the Orco; a moralizing proem on the plight of Italy subjected to tyrants and scourged by foreign invaders; and a digressive authorial apostrophe to the Christian European princes, concluding with Giovanni de' Medici, that is, Pope Leo X.