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Italian composer of operas (1801-1835)

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Commerce with Flanders exposed Venetian artists to Flemish art and the use of oil-based paints, soon adopted by local masters, among them Giovanni Bellini and the great Giorgione, Titian's early influences.
Paintings by Paul Gauguin (Children Wrestling, 1888) and Rene Magritte (The Subjugated Reader, 1928) are in dialogue with works by Giovanni Bellini and Eedouard Manet, as well as contemporary art works by Alexander Calder, Paul Klee, Yves Klein and Cy Twombly.
Calling on poets such as Christina Rossetti, John Henry Newman, and Rosemary Dobson, among others, as well as artists ranging from Giovanni Bellini to Henry Ossawa Tanner, he presents a guidebook that is as timely as it is beautiful.
Sir Denis helped BMAG in 1977 when he stepped in as a public appeal to buy an altarpiece by the Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini looked like falling PS100,000 short of its target.
The funding has been provided in support of the repair and preservation of "The Madonna of the Meadow," an oil-on-panel painting originating from the Workshop of Giovanni Bellini, which included notable Renaissance master painters such as Titian.
Of course, we all know the giants--Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael, to name just a few--but enlightened individuals will also be aware of the great Venetian artist, Giovanni Bellini, and his famous painting of Francis of Assisi, which recently returned to the Frick Collection in New York City.
The charm of the colours and the dexterity of the execution suggest that this was a gala wedding-decoration, and that the unknown master was both early Venetian and a precursor of Giovanni Bellini.
The drink's unique pink colour reminded the bar's owner, Giuseppe Cipriani, of a 15th century painting by local artist Giovanni Bellini, hence the name.
Con questo libro Oskar Batschmann ricostruisce la doppia biografia, umana ed artistica, di Giovanni Bellini, uno dei maggiori pittori del XV secolo ed uno dei massimi interpreti dell'Umanesimo italiano.
In his synthesis of modern studies on Bellini's stylistic development, Batschmann draws heavily upon the articles found in The Cambridge Companion to Giovanni Bellini, edited by Peter Humfrey (2004).
Durer took two trips to Italy, which exposed him to the works of early Renaissance artists such as Andrea Mantegna and Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini.
It also occasioned a turning point in the relations between Venetian and Islamic art, and particularly in the life of Gentile, son of Jacopo and brother to Giovanni Bellini.
The enchanting views painted by Giovanni Bellini and Canaletto are still there.
He trained under Giovanni Bellini and was strongly-influenced by Giorgione.
Lot 7, Portrait of a young man, attributed to Giovanni Bellini, threw up the biggest surprise of the sale: estimated at GBP 20,000 - 30,000, it sold for GBP 240,000, twelve times its low estimate.