Giovanni Battista Montini

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Italian pope from 1963 to 1978 who eased restrictions on fasting and on interfaith marriages (1897-1978)


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Paul VI was born Giovanni Battista Montini in 1897 in the northern Italian province of Brescia.
The first pope in this diversionary series was Giovanni Battista Montini, Pope Paul VI (1963-78).
At the time, Italians saw Communion and Liberation as a conservative alternative both to the "Catholic Action" movement and to the broadly progressive ethos of the Milan archdiocese under Cardinals Giovanni Battista Montini (who became Paul VI) and Giovanni Colombo.
17, to ascertain his position on one of the most highly charged issues of that conclave--what the new pope would do about Archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini of Milan, who had been exiled from Pius XII's curia.
They attracted many members in Cairo as well as those joining in solidarity with them, such as Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Pope Paul VI, and many others in monasteries and church communities around the world.
Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini was the man to beat in 1963, and became Paul VI.
In the end, three factors make this contest unusually difficult to handicap: the lack of an obvious front-runner, such as Eugenio Pacelli in 1939 who became Pius XII, or Giovanni Battista Montini in 1963 who became Paul VI; the fact that the cardinals themselves don't know much about one another; and that unlike previous elections, when Italians were presumed to have a natural advantage, this race is wide open.