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Florentine painter who gave up the stiff Byzantine style and developed a more naturalistic style

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Giotto in Padua appears to relish an ever more sophisticated stratification of meaning, to the point that the idol held in the hand of the allegorical figure of Infidelity may be read as an image within an image within an image.
Giottos Arena Chapel frescoes are discussed in Chapter 6, while the final chapter discusses the impact of these innovative approaches in the work of artists, such as Bernardo Daddi and Taddeo Gaddi, who followed Giotto.
Written for ages 7-12, this impressive book features 53 artists from Giotto to Goldsworthy.
A bolt of lightning has damaged an outer wall of the world-famous Scrovegni chapel decorated with priceless early 14th century frescoes painted by the master Giotto, art experts in the northern city of Padua said Thursday.
It was once thought that these splendid paintings were by Giotto himself, but it is now believed they are by artists of the circle of Pietro Cavallini of Rome.
Giorgio Vasari, a 16th-century Italian painter, made his name in history for writing Lives of the artists, promoting the lives and careers of painters who are now world famous, including Giotto, Michelangelo, and Leonardo.
Summary: A smirking horned devil exists in the frescoed clouds of a Giotto work in the famed Assisi basilica, an Italian art historian said Tuesday -- a tantalizing detail that apparently went unnoticed by scholars for centuries.
Cy has been studying the Giotto corridor in the church of Saint Francis in Assisi.
London, June 8 (ANI): An Italian art expert has claimed that the 'Shroud of Turin' known to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ is a fake copy created by famous artist Giotto.
Harvard astronomer Fred Whipple signals success after the Giotto spacecraft glimpsed the nucleus of Halley's comet.
As commentary, Giotto offers us two smaller scenes illustrating the importance Francis placed on working for and through the church.
se cuenta la historia del joven Giotto de Winthertur, quien es "descubierto" por Johann Kaspar Lavater, un pastor protestante del siglo XVIII, quien integra al pintor autodidacta en el estudio de la pintura "en serio", mientras el se dedica a sus propios estudios.
Although the result of this technique can sometimes be bewildering the point is clear: Giotto and the boy are equal artists.
Jeff Kennedy set about importing the Giotto espresso machine from ECM into New Zealand, and with a great marketing campaign, his coffee roasting company, Caffe L'affare, was soon selling up to 500 machines per year.