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Florentine painter who gave up the stiff Byzantine style and developed a more naturalistic style

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The lightning strike occurred about two weeks and Giuliano Pisani, a Giotto expert and former city councillor for cultural affairs, said it was "absolutely outrageous" that the incident was only now becoming publicly known.
Known not only for his three-dimensional modeling of figures, subtle attention to the effects of light, and the psychological depth of his imagery, Giotto has also been recognized as one of the great innovators of his time.
9 Analog Giotto Image (Internazionale Medico Scientifica) 74 5.
Enrico Scrovegni, the son of the wealthy banker and infamous usurer Rainaldo Scrovegni, whom Dante's Divina Commedia has burning in hell, had a chapel built in Padua, Italy, where he would pray for the sins of his father; the chapel is adorned with frescoes by Giotto, which are among the pinnacles of European art.
It was once thought that these splendid paintings were by Giotto himself, but it is now believed they are by artists of the circle of Pietro Cavallini of Rome.
The full-color reproductions include works by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Chagall, Da Vinci, Degas, Delacroix, Duccio, Durer, El Greco, Giotto, Pouissin, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, Van Der Weyden, and Van Gogh.
Summary: A smirking horned devil exists in the frescoed clouds of a Giotto work in the famed Assisi basilica, an Italian art historian said Tuesday -- a tantalizing detail that apparently went unnoticed by scholars for centuries.
London, June 8 (ANI): An Italian art expert has claimed that the 'Shroud of Turin' known to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ is a fake copy created by famous artist Giotto.
His son Enrico, some art historians have argued, built his famous chapel in the Roman arena in Padua, frescoed throughout by Giotto, in expiation of his father's sins.
In certain basic senses, the composition recalls the work of the Pisani, and this is hardly surprising; a native Tuscan, Giotto might well have seen their earlier work.
Jeff Kennedy set about importing the Giotto espresso machine from ECM into New Zealand, and with a great marketing campaign, his coffee roasting company, Caffe L'affare, was soon selling up to 500 machines per year.
The Lives of such antiheroes as Buonamico Buffalmaco, Andrea del Castagno, and Baccio Bandinelli, as related by Vasari, offer a literary counterpoint--a narrative tension--necessary for highlighting the accomplishments of the heroes of Vasari's work, and Ladis focuses here on Giotto, Domenico Veneziano, and Michelangelo.
It's a site of pilgrimage; the final resting place of the likes of Michelangelo, Donatello, Galileo, Rossini and Machiavelli - and it's decorated with frescoes by Giotto and several other famous artworks.
Leonardo technology is designed for geotextile and roofing PET products while Giotto technology is a new concept for producing PP nonwovens, mainly designed for industrial products but also suitable for hygiene.
The owner of the Hotel Giotto was friendly, almost as friendly as her dog, and the room rate was only pounds 35pp a night.