Giosue Carducci

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Italian poet considered the national poet of modern Italy (1835-1907)


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So beautiful is Metastasio's libretto that the eminent poet Giosue Carducci once wrote that "all of the eighteenth century joined in acclaiming the divine L'Olympiade, in which the lyricism and the Italian songfulness joined in an unequalled and unattainable perfection" (903-04).
At the other end of the spectrum are the positions of Giosue Carducci and Thomas Carlyle cited as the epigraphs to this essay.
It captivated the attention of the entire nation, seizing the curiosity of the Roman populace, respectable ladies from the upper classes, famed painters and writers, including the poet Giosue Carducci.
Maggiari continues this first chapter with an interpretation of the poet's first published collection, Liriche (1907), strongly influenced by D'Annunzio and Pascoli, rich with crepuscolare atmosphere, and even echoing Giosue Carducci.
In this light, Catalani's La Wally reveals stunning affinities to poems by Giosue Carducci and paintings by Giovanni Segantini which aimed at restoring a much endangered idealism to the Alpine landscape.