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United States poet of the beat generation (1926-1997)

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Avot de-Rabbi Natan 38:103; Ginzberg, Legends of the Jews, vol.
13 Ginzberg, Eli, "High-Tech Medicine and Rising Health Care Costs," Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol.
While Cohen discusses the usual suspects such as Louis Finkelstein, Louis Ginzberg and Mordecai Kaplan, one of the great merits of Cohen's book is to cast light on these lesser luminaries.
Ginzberg (1984) described this period as the realistic stage of career development, encompassing a period in which adolescents are in a process of specifying and crystallizing occupational choice.
Eyal Ginzberg, President of ICL's IMI (TAMI) Institute for R&D and newly-appointed Chairman of ICL Innovation Ltd.
Ginzberg, Women in Antebellum Reform (Wheeling, IL: Harlan Davidson, Inc.
93) Louis GINZBERG, An Introduction to the Palestinian Talmud, in Louis GINZBERG, ON JEWISH LAW AND LORE 3, 22 (Atheneum 1981) (1955); Gafni, supra note 11, at 24450.
Lori Ginzberg has highlighted the highly assertive roles of women who participated passionately in reform movements.
The compilers of the Russian glossaries drew also from mediaeval Greek onomastica, which were themselves based on classical Jewish and Christian word studies by Philo, Josephus, Origen, Jerome and others (Hieronymus 1845; Lagarde 1870; Gottheil and Ginzberg 1901:281-282; Kovtun 1963; Grabbe 1988).
8) In his 1979 book on the changing quality of jobs in the United States, Eli Ginzberg referred to this group of persons wanting jobs as the labor force overhang.
10) Michael Schultz and Randall Ginzberg noted that in cases where users do not have a favorable attitude toward a system, they are not likely to support it.
Hospital turnover and vacancy rates are often high, and concerns about a nursing shortage have become a major policy issue (Berliner and Ginzberg 2003; Aiken 2008; Buchan and Aiken 2008).
Ginzberg, author of "Elizabeth Cady Stanton: An American Life," will give a talk on the subject from 7:30 to 9 p.
This phenomenon has been studied in the economics and marketing Literatures since the 1930s (Bader and Weinland 1932; Ginzberg 1936).
This is a view shared by opposition member Solomon Ginzberg who was quoted as saying that "the government is preparing to make an example out of us [and] beat the protesting mood out off the people".