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That's right, Ginsburg maintains, work isn't any fun at all.
Ginsburg has resisted efforts by the Federal Communications Commission to put its sometimes heavy hand of restraint on broadcasters.
Ginsburg has held numerous senior management positions in the mortgage industry throughout his career.
Ginsburg, whose company has been building homes in the Hudson Valley for more than 50 years, has a vision of creating sculpture trails along other rivertown waterfronts from New York City to Albany and combining with DiaArt Foundation in Beacon and Storm King Art Center in New Windsor to create the largest outdoor museum in the world.
This fall, as she begins her 22nd year on the Supreme Court, Ginsburg is at the height of her influence and public acclaim, but she also faces a decision that may be the most consequential of her career: Should she retire when the term ends in June so President Barack Obama can name her successor?
But Ginsburg made clear that the federal law does not "elevate accommodation of religious observances over" prison security needs.
As Ginsburg points out, "Immigration is no longer something that's positive for the United States.
Mrs Ibi Ginsburg, of Elland, was t a k e n t o Au s c h w i t z a s a teenage girl by the Nazis but amazingly survived.
Beal & Company, a leading investment banking firm specializing in municipal finance, corporate finance and equity execution, announced today that Cheryl Ishmael and Robin Ginsburg have joined the firm as senior members of its Public Finance Department.
Ginsburg distributed the sediments to four "blind" testers, who recorded the types of forams they found in each sample.
Ginsburg joins Stanford Hospital as it moves forward with the planning and design of a new 600-bed inpatient facility, to be built adjacent to the existing hospital, and as it prepares to open its new Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center in Redwood City in February 2009.
Ginsburg said he planned to file a motion in court this week to enforce "a binding agreement" with state prosecutors to grant Lewinsky full immunity for her testimony on the case.
But 2 1/2 years after Romer, when an almost identical case challenging an antigay enactment in Cincinnati came before the justices, Romer's majority silently dissolved, with only Stevens, Souter, and Ginsburg protesting their colleagues' refusal to hear the case.
Opera lovers Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia got to be extras in the Washington Opera's production of "Ariadne auf Naxos.
This is an idea whose time has come," said Martin Ginsburg, founder and principal of Valhalla-based GDC.