Federal National Mortgage Association

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a federally chartered corporation that purchases mortgages

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6 trillion of mortgage-backed securities and the vast majority of government loans are placed in Ginnie Mae MBS.
The most important distinction between the Ginnie Mae model and the GSE model can be found on the home page of the Ginnie Mae website itself: "In the Ginnie Mae program, issuers are financially responsible for their securities, even if the underlying mortgage collateral becomes delinquent.
Japan, through its financial institutions, is an important investor in Ginnie Mae's mortgage backed securities (MBS), playing an integral role in helping Ginnie Mae fulfill its mission of bringing global capital into the U.
In addition, the interest received by Ginnie Mae investors is fully taxed, so these funds generally work better in a tax-deferred retirement account.
Lanford: Do you have any advice that you'd give to individual investors interested in investing in Ginnie Mae pools?
Tozer said, "Ginnie Mae's primary goal has been, and always will be, to protect and preserve the utility, relevance and remarkably successful track record of the Ginnie Mae MBS [mortgage-backed securities] program.
In addition to the Ginnie Mae approval, the company currently holds FHA and Fannie Mae approval and has increased its staff from 20 employees in 2007 to more than 300 employees to date.
Issuance for Ginnie Mae II single-family pools led the way with over $17.
18) Ginnie Mae does not purchase loans but guarantees the timely payment of principal and interest for privately issued securities backed by FHA, FmHA, and VA loans.
At the time Cascade Financial Services did not have an in-house servicing operation and in order to be a Ginnie Mae issuer, an organization must have servicing capabilities or outsource the servicing to a third party.
This agreement is a great example of how the Ginnie Mae MBS program continues to level the playing field by allowing community based financial institutions to effectively compete with mega banks for homebuyers in their communities," said Ginnie Mae President Ted Tozer.
Mortgage Banking interviewed Ginnie Mae President Ted Tozer in September about the many changes that have taken place on his watch.
Ginnie Mae today disclosed that it has issued a record $34.
Having the Ginnie Mae reporting feature directly embedded in Mortgage Servicer and Commercial Servicer, FICS customers benefit from the ability to interface directly with Ginnie Mae without having to perform any customization and continue to remain in compliance with Ginnie Mae's reporting requirements.
The Fair Housing Act of 1968 split Fannie Mae into two separate pieces: Fannie Mae, for the purchase of conventional mortgages that conformed to specific underwriting standards; and the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA), better known as Ginnie Mae, for providing a guaranty backed by the full faith and credit of the United States for the timely payment of principal and interest on mortgage-backed securities (MBS) secured by pools of government home loans.