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Synonyms for alley

Synonyms for alley

a narrow street with walls on both sides

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a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins

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Now more people will be able to enjoy the around three mile route, which takes walkers on a scenic trip around the village using several ginnels.
Ginnel maps are also available for visitors to take and enjoy the ginnels at your leisure.
Lighting should also always be considered as a potential asset, especially where it illuminates dark congregating points, footpaths and ginnels.
Work has included removing graffiti, clearing fly tipping and clearing ginnels.
I'd like to help people appreciate the moors, the ginnels and the houses," he said.
New Orleans Wiggle entertained crowds at St John's Church while guests enjoyed walks through Golcar's newly-restored ginnels.
Sue Star, one of the organisers for the annual celebration day of Golcar's history, which will be held on May 9, said: "We can now mark the history of our village permanently with a map, along with plaques to mark the entrances to the ginnels.
Pubs a plenty - the choice was yours, Tap rooms, Woodbines and a game of all fours, Ginnels, snickets and many a yard, Satanic mills where work was hard.