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Synonyms for alley

Synonyms for alley

a narrow street with walls on both sides

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a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins

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For me, Nottingham has always been a great place to shop - many a school holiday has been punctuated by a trip here - partly because, unlike so many other cities, there's still a high proportion of individual, independent shops nestling down its twisty-turny ginnels (that's alleys to you lot).
Not in the rational Georgian New Towh, but in the wynds and ginnels of the medieval Old Town; not on top of a hill, but at the bottom of one, at the foot of the Royal Mile, the great elongated ramp of glacial debris that links the Castle on its volcanic outcrop with the royal Palace of Holyroodhouse at its eastern extremity.
Hundreds of lanterns on this year's theme of Wonderland Through the Looking Glass will be carried through the streets of the ancient town, with its cobbled streets, intriguing ginnels and quaint charm.
Dressed in authentic Victorian costume, Simon Entwistle takes you on the one-and-a-quarter hour guided walk exploring haunted ginnels, cobbled streets and ancient burial grounds, (01200) 425566.
65 metres wide, it can zip in and out of ginnels with yards to spare.
Mr Sterk is also delighted with Ebbw Vale's Ginnels and Alleyways Project.
65 metres wide, it can zip in and out of ginnels with yards to spare, yet taken out on the road it shows its mettle, reaching 62mph from start in 12.
Another intriguing legacy is the maze of ginnels, 50 little thoroughfares within the city walls.
As a member of Grand Pocket Orchestra, No Monster Club and Ginnels (among others) Paddy Hanna was ideally placed to kick off proceedings at the Hard Working Class Heroes last night (Thurs).
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley are parked by one of the ginnels running like warrens behind the streets.
They'll be joined by Ginnels, F**k Mountain, P/I/G/S and Slow Riot for the latest Retro Revival night in the upstairs bar - all for just [euro]5.
For instance, you'd be wise to keep your eyes and ears peeled in the ginnels behind the Philharmonic pub - and the denouement in the tunnel beside the Anglican Cathedral's graveyard puts a seal on a satisfactory night of ghost hunting sprinkled with titters and shivers that kids, especially, will love.
Now it looks fantastic and Liverpool's squares and ginnels can compare with those anywhere else in Europe.
A quirky feature is its ginnels - little alleyways - all over the town.
No chimneys, cats, pigeons or ginnels (whatever they are) - all blown away by the force of Monday's explosion and the high-pitched wailing, shouting and screaming that has been going on ever since.