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Synonyms for alley

Synonyms for alley

a narrow street with walls on both sides

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a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins

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Mr Rashid, who drives for Marsh Cars, jumped out and went up the ginnel where he saw around seven masked youths.
The only glimmer of hope that Callum will be stopped is that Max has seen some of what happened in the ginnel.
The victim, a woman in her 20s, had been to a nearby shop when she entered the ginnel and was followed by a male who then sexually assaulted her.
The suspects made off through a ginnel, which leads towards Centenary Square.
We've been running open workshops combined with ginnel walks of Golcar.
Charlie found the flowers in a ginnel off Knowl Road and Sara posted a picture on the Mirfield Matters Facebook group to say thank you.
Despite the serious collision, eyewitnesses said the driver jumped out and ran off down a ginnel.
We used to camp out and wait for the headless horseman at the ginnel that ran up the back of the church in Lindley - and not to forget the dragon up Castle Hill.
Paula Read has been ordered to pay more than PS1,000 after leaving bin bags full of rubbish in ginnels and open spaces in Bradford.
All the ginnels leading to a communal grassed area connecting Riddings Close and Ruskin Grove were manned by Police Community Support Officers despite often freezing temperatures during the week.
Roaming the alleys and ginnels will be an assortment of great musicians and bands including an un-missable performance of stirring songs of the sea from the Men of Staithes choir.
Not in the rational Georgian New Towh, but in the wynds and ginnels of the medieval Old Town; not on top of a hill, but at the bottom of one, at the foot of the Royal Mile, the great elongated ramp of glacial debris that links the Castle on its volcanic outcrop with the royal Palace of Holyroodhouse at its eastern extremity.
Roaming the alleys and ginnels, visitors will be entertained by an assortment of musicians and bands including songs of the sea from the Men of Staithes and concerts throughout the weekend.
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley are parked by one of the ginnels running like warrens behind the streets.
Fabian Ellis, 13, filmed Golcar Lily Environment Group volunteers picking litter, cutting back overgrown trees and cleaning up paths and ginnels.