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deciduous dioecious Chinese tree having fan-shaped leaves and fleshy yellow seeds

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Experiments on rats show that cat's claw in combination with ginko biloba, gotu kola, or rosemary suppresses the development of the sticky plaque in the brain that is responsible for Alzheimer's disease.
Effects of Ginko biloba on cognitive function and blood pressure in elderly subjects.
Volunteers, who must be aged over 60, will be asked to take a nutritional supplement containing ginko biloba and vitamins.
Cleanse contains milk thistle fruit, nettle, dandelion root and peppermint for a fresh flavour while Revitalise is made from ingredients such as guarana, cola nuts, ginko biloba, ginseng and ginger that boost energy.
The Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association has reported that patients have found garlic, ginger and ginko biloba a useful alternative for improving the body's circulation.
The following supplements touted for cancer treatment will be reviewed: astragalus, black cohosh, blue-green algae, coenzyme Q10, echinacea, essaiac tea, garlic, ginko biloba, ginger, ginseng, green tea, milk thistle, mushroom extracts, pc-specs, pycnogenol, and shark cartilage.
In addition to both PSC and ALC it also includes ginko biloba and eight other nutrients for memory support.
ArginMax includes the following ingredients: Koren ginseng, Ginko biloba, Damiana leaf, L-arginine, and a variety of vitamins.
The drinks contain a range of herbal extracts including guarana, gotu-kola, ginseng and ginko biloba.
Excellent alternatives include Kava Kava, Ginko Biloba or Siberian Ginseng.
Vitamin E and Ginko Biloba will help, as well as a Ginger supplement or Ginger Tea.
And without this year's version of Melatonin or Ginko Biloba, the industry has seen annual retail sales growth slow this fall from a robust 30 percent to 40 percent to about 15 percent, according to Information Resources Inc.
The research collaboration will assess the ability of various dietary supplements, including black cohosh, green tea, ginko biloba, kava, usnic acid and potentially others, to affect various drug transporters.
John's in Wart, passionflower, ginko biloba, liquorice root, ginseng root, lavender, verbena leaves and chamomile.
Plant extracts, ginko biloba, green tea, Centella asiatica, ginseng, rosemary, juniper and horse chestnut have antioxidant properties.