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deciduous dioecious Chinese tree having fan-shaped leaves and fleshy yellow seeds

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Eric McLuhan and William Kuhns (Corte Madera, CA: Ginko Press, 2003), 92-93.
Experiments on rats show that cat's claw in combination with ginko biloba, gotu kola, or rosemary suppresses the development of the sticky plaque in the brain that is responsible for Alzheimer's disease.
The Thivillons already had some experience of raising a gorilla, having spent time living with Digit's brother, Ginko, who they eventually had to send back to the zoo after he became aggressive.
Name day: Georgi, Georgia, Gergin, Gergina, Gergana, Ginko, Ginka, Ganka, Gosho, Zhoro
lyontoforez, elektriksel olarak yuklu, yapisinda iyonize molekuller igeren lidokain, histamin, diklofenak sodyum, ginko oksit ve metilprednizon gibi ilaglann elektrik akimi araciligiyla basta deri olmak uzere yuzey dokulara uygulan-masi islemidir (26).
Having established a position of leadership in the eyeglasses market in both Taiwan and China, the Ginko International Co.
Forms such as the leaf of a ginko, a crescent moon, one with a star-shaped lid, or one that has a lobed rim, all are assured and eminently collectible by tea ceremony adherents who prize them equally for their beauty and function.
I leave Auteuil and grab the TGV train from Montparnasse to La Rochelle, a lovely old Atlantic harbour town where tomorrow I am due to partner my old friend Ginko Biloba.
John Phillip Law plays the masked thief who steals and torments the Italian government, represented by policeman Ginko (Michel Piccoli).
Among them are several that are thought to have benefits that specifically relate to the concerns of older consumers including soy lecithin which fights dementia and cognitive decline; omega-3 and ginko biloba for improved memory; and ginseng, which helps fight memory loss and boosts energy.
The effects o fan extract of Ginko biloba, EGB 761, on cognitive behavior and longevity in the rat.
The tree species Ginko biloba and Acer platanoides 'Royal Red' were chosen for their quality and contrast in colour and the ability to withstand the maritime climate.
Ginko biloba, horse-chestnut), and only 10% of the herbs used in nutritional supplements are commonly present in the food (e.
For the summer selection, an eclectic platter comprising corn, tuna, grapes, yam, ginko nuts, radish, and tomato provided a wonderful range of flavours where the sweetness of the fresh tomato is balanced with the slight sour tinge of the grapes and the saltiness of the ginko nuts muted with the taste of yam.
Jibun Ginko,'' operated by the mobile phone service provider and the core bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc.