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(Islam) an invisible spirit mentioned in the Koran and believed by Muslims to inhabit the earth and influence mankind by appearing in the form of humans or animals

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That indicator and the GINI coefficient had simple cross-section correlations of 0.
So, we had to steal Gini, chimed in Lindsey, who also produced Wall-E and John Carter.
From an International and comparative perspective, the presumed decline in the income Gini coefficients in the Latin American region would stand in contrast with the trend towards rising Gini coefficients observed in other main countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China and other regions (Solimano, 2016).
As described above, these graphs can be used to calculate both a Gini index and an interstate tax variation index.
Therefore, we use purity Gini to replace the IDF part in the TF-IDF formula.
Jamal and Khan (2005) computed District Education Index (DEI) by taking weighted averages of enrolments rates in primary, secondary and tertiary and adult literacy rates and then used maximum-minimum ratio, Coefficient of Variation and Gini Index of DEI to show educational status separately for provinces, area (rural and urban) and gender (male and female).
The Gini Coefficient, founded by Corrado Gini in 1912, is a quantitative representation of the Lorenz Curve.
The researchers concluded that education spending explaining almost one Gini point of the decline in inequality in Latin America.
Los investigadores concluyen que el gasto en educacion explica casi un punto de Gini en la declinacion de la desigualdad en Latinoamerica.
To determine whether or not greater income disparity among players resulting from the "Beckham Rule" has had any effect on overall team performance, Gini coefficients were calculated for all MLS teams in 2011 (18 teams) and 2012 (19 teams).
Eurochange and its management team are now in good hands as part of NoteMachine, said Eurochange founder and chairman Massimo Gini.
The island's Gini index, a summary measure of income inequality, rose to 0.
The Ethics of Business, by Al Gini and Alexei Marcoux (hereafter, Gini/Marcoux), is a spirited and insightful introduction to this widely taught subject.
Welfare economics uses Lorenz curves to display skewed income distributions and Gini indices to summarize the skewness.