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Synonyms for index

Synonyms for index

something visible or evident that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else

Synonyms for index

a numerical scale used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number

a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed facts

a mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself

an alphabetical listing of names and topics along with page numbers where they are discussed

the finger next to the thumb

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list in an index

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provide with an index

adjust through indexation

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5,39) The significant reduction of gingival index in the control group at the end of the study can be attributed to the influence of the Hawthorne effect as an unintended consequence of research participation.
The gingiva was slightly or moderately inflamed in all our patients, and the gingival index did not correlate with the plaque index.
Patients Gingival Phenotype Plaque Gingival index index 1 I 66% 1 2 I (+ slight maxillary tori) 52% 1 3 I (+ maxillary tori) 37.
The results were expressed as a gingival index (score 0 for absence and score 1 for presence of gingival bleeding in at lest one surface) and as the mean percentage of surfaces that bled.
Although the same situation has been noted when the gingival index was used, the association failed to show a significant value (p=0.
When BF2 was associated with the gingival index and with the mean percentage of bleeding surfaces, statistically significant associations were found.
One study which compared children and adolescents with renal failure to a control group found that the renal failure group had higher gingival index, bleeding on probing and attachment loss [Davidovich et al.