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a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger

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Answers on page 52 The List Horses with names of a biscuity nature Custard Cream Kid A regular on the all-weather circuit for Richard Fahey since winning on his first outing on sand at Kempton in December 2010 Garibaldi Twice a winner on the Flat in a career that spanned January 2005 to September 2008 Gingernut Three-year-old trained by John Gosden.
GINGERNUT CUPCAKES You will need Use the basic |sponge and buttercream recipes Ground ginger | Ginger nut biscuits | Piping bag | Piping nozzle icing |tube tip Directions Take the vanilla |sponge and flatten the top with vanilla buttercream.
The main sponsor of the lunch was Cwik Skip Waste Management with additional support from Gingernut Creative, Baker Jayne, Bromwich Hardy, Jonathan Selby, Smith Jones, Norton Brown and Emmerson Press.
Stubble trouble: From left, the team at Gingernut Creative, in Marston Green, back from left, Andy Lovell, Ashley O'Brien, Gary Thacker, and Simon Ricketts and, front, Joe Stayte and Roger Roberts and, pictured right, the team at No 5 Chambers Danny, James, Ed, Pete, Ben and Adam.
Of course the big question is, just how long before gogetting ginger-nut Brad finds out that his girl has been seducing his balding gingernut dad?
And don't forget to nominate your favourite gingernut.
Gingernut Carol explains: "It's going to be a hilarious new advert featuring Johnny Vegas.
The general public has absolutely no idea of the tensions that were placed upon her at that time," says Kisen, 42, whose nickname for Geri is Gingernut.
Then, after a flash of red which landed both Thierry Henry and Highbury boss Arsene Wenger in a whole heap of trouble, he pocketed a third as coolly as his fellow Romford gingernut Steve Davis used to.
The gingernut DJ has hit the headlines with risque jokes, threats to his own plumbers, and an extraordinary on-air attack on his boss Matthew Bannister.
The jealous gingernut turned up the volume of his disco and drowned them out, the two said yesterday.
The three-year-old gingernut was a miniature version of midfielder Paul.
Amid the chaos, there sat Inamoto, a 5ft 9ins gingernut who does not speak a word of English and has played only in the low-key J League - but has come to, erm, try to force his way past Patrick Vieira into Arsenal's midfield.
Sharleen, 30, hit the headlines recently when gingernut DJ Evans declared his undying love for her.