ginger ale

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ginger-flavored carbonated drink

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In its 50 years, DRC started with carbonated soft drinks and expanded into offering some of the most exciting beverages available in the market today; Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi, 7 Up, Diet 7 Up, Mirinda, Mt Dew and Lipton Ice Tea, Shani, Evervess Soda, Evervess Tonic, Evervess GingerAle, Aquafina Pure Drinking Water and Aquafina Sparkling Water.
He had finished his gingerale, but he was still fiddling with the glass.
When I woke, he spoke only to encourage me to take sips of gingerale or to "open" or "close" my mouth around a thermometer.
You don't charge into an NBA playoff game and take it over the way Bryant did against the San Antonio Spurs on a bag of peanuts and a gingerale.
To serve, combine the Triple Sec mixtrue, gingerale, and the sparkling wine in a large punch bowl.