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a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger

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The third annual Ginger Snaps awards will take place on December 31.
Ginger Snaps starts well, with some promising characters and a lot of black humour, but the second half of the film suffers when the film makers decide to abandon atmospheric creeps and chills in favour of big bouts of blood-letting and hammy horror.
14 at Oakdale Methodist Church with some ginger snap hospitality, the first of a series of upcoming activities to support recreational trail use in the Wachusett region.
After making her name in cult classic Ginger Snaps, the actress is starring in another shocker, American Mary, that has wowed critics while denting the world supplies of fake blood.
Visitors on Saturday are encouraged to bring tins of pet food, jam donuts, pony nuts and horse treats and ginger snaps or rich tea biscuits for the various animals.
For its November issue, the newsletter focused on the holiday season, and featured a ginger snaps recipe from Cafe Boulud's chef Gavin Kaysen, who is a James Beard award winner and who has also served as a guest judge on Bravo TV's Top Chef.
Ginger Snaps is a book about a girl called Ginger Brown.
The best film in class since Canadian hit Ginger Snaps (2000) blended puberty with the werewolf, Teeth is anything but toothless.
Appetizers included a smooth Pumpkin Dip served with ginger snaps, leap shaped cheese rolled in parsley and paprika, and Baked Brie with Warm Apple Chutney.
Blend the ginger snaps with the butter in the blender until it combines together and you can push it into the base of a small dish.
Photographer Charlotte Rushton, who has red hair herself, has compiled a book, Ginger Snaps, featuring redheads from across the country.
Director John Fawcett, who made his name with female horror flick Ginger Snaps, took the multi-million-pound shoot for The Dark to the Isle of Man despite the original novel's dependence on the moody Welsh landscape.
1 crushed ginger snap (2 crushed ginger snaps for males) to sprinkle over peaches
For the crust 1 x 400g pack ginger snaps 85g/3oz butter, melted
In 2000, Laura Bush topped Tipper Gore's ginger snaps with her Texas Governor's Mansion Chocolate Cowboy cookies.