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Synonyms for gingersnap

a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger

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4 large mangoes, peeled and pitted 6 ginger biscuits, crumbled 1 x 568ml pot double cream 85g icing sugar Seeds from 1/2 a vanilla pod Freshly-squeezed juice & grated zest of 2 limes 4 tbsp brandy 2 passion fruit
So there you go, give me the ginger biscuit garden gnome with principles any time over the smoothy-chops charmer apparently with none.
Hesaid:"Whenfriendscome roundItrytoeducatethemwith something special, like a dark chocolate ginger biscuit.
And Coronation Street's Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey Roberts, said: "I hope she got a coffee and ginger biscuit too when she had her hair done
Further down the biscuit barrel is the cookie and ginger biscuit, garnering just 1.
There was the usual coffee with a ginger biscuit and grim faces all round.
So this week, we're making a type of ginger biscuit called the Cornish fairing.
An additional dark chocolate & stem ginger biscuit is being launched exclusively into Tesco.
OK, the loveliness might be a slight exaggeration but thanks to 10 months of unrelenting Australian sunshine my permanently-exposed parts had turned from dazzling Pommie white into a glorious well-baked ginger biscuit colour without any real effort on my part.
But it is hoped people tucking into a freshly-cooked ginger biscuit will spare a thought for those who have little to eat.
Strawberry Shortcake features vanilla cheesecake with a shortcake base, Lemon and Lime teams up with ginger biscuit, while Chocolate and Hazelnut combines a brownie base with hazelnut cheesecake.
I get absolutely no sympathy from the offspring who, like their father before them, become the shade of a high-baked ginger biscuit the moment the sun peeps from behind a cloud.
Next up was the Malted Milk, followed by the custard cream and ginger biscuit.