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a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger

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Top 10 1 Chocolate Digestive 2 Chocolate Hobnob 3 Jammie Dodger 4 Custard Cream 5 Shortbread 6 Bourbon 7 Jaffa Cake 8 Ginger Nut 9 Digestive 10 Wagon Wheel
I usually have ginger nuts with me in the Land Rover, and one day I let him try one," says Faye.
Desolate biscuit lovers had written in their droves to United Biscuits expressing their anguish, but will be able to celebrate the return of the Ginger Nuts with a whole selection box worth of goodies.
Full list of products affected by the recall, and their batch numbers: Aldi Cheese Thins (10% Cheese) - L16026, L16027, L16055, L16056, L16057, L16073, L16074, L16075 Aldi Cheese Bakes - L16026, L16027, L16032, L16033, L16039, L16040, L16046, L16047, L16053, L16366, L16060, L16066, L16067, L16073 Aldi Oddbites Cheese - L16060 Aldi Oddbites Salt and Vinegar - L16061 Aldi Oddbites Smoky Bacon - L16061 Aldi Ginger Nuts - L16047, L16048, L16061, L16062, L16068, L16069
BISCUIT lovers have been urged to look out for a huge haul of ginger nuts stolen in a raid from a Midland industrial estate.
The VIP promotion engages with older, established brands such as Ginger Nuts and Fruit Shortcakes, which wouldn't normally get air time," he said.
sit They sit on the plate next to the ginger nuts and the bourbons and are therefore biscuits-byassociation.
Wrapping up the top 10 were chocolate HobNobs, chocolate chip cookies, custard creams, shortbreads and ginger nuts.
No wonder City fans have gone ginger nuts about the slur.
Robin Cook, touring a biscuit factory in a lab coat opened giving a hint of his ginger nuts, would put the fireworks into November.
Honourary research fellow Dr Len Fisher carried out the research on behalf of biscuit firm McVities and found that the classic Digestive can withstand the longest dunk, at eight seconds, followed by Ginger Nuts and Hobnobs which both come in at 3.
McVitie's Ginger Nuts, 250g Holme House: 85p Tesco: PS1 Asda: PS1 Sainsbury's: PS1.
Ginger nuts, hobnobs with chocolate, rich teas and custard creams completed the top five in the poll by office suppliers Viking.
Polly, who wrote the script, joked: "There was total crisis for the panto as we needed the ginger nuts as a prop.
He was best known as the wellloved character of Fairy Ginger Nuts for the panto group, of which he was a member for 17 years.