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a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger

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Andrew Stead, |above, and as Fairy Ginger Nuts, left, for Marsden's Avalanche Dodgers pantomime troupe
It's insulting to call red-haired people ginger nuts.
The biscuits, worth PS12,000, included pallets of Elkes shortcakes and Fox's ginger nuts.
As a child, the most fun I could expect with my cup of tea was a ginger nut or bourbon, maybe a fruit shortcake.
Best selling product lines including McVitie's Digestive and Chocolate Digestive, Mini Cookies, Mini Hobnobs, Rich Tea, Shortcake and Ginger Nuts were involved.
No wonder City fans have gone ginger nuts about the slur.
He advised against dunking Hob Nobs or ginger nuts.
Robin Cook, touring a biscuit factory in a lab coat opened giving a hint of his ginger nuts, would put the fireworks into November.
range, BN, Ginger nuts, Hobnobs, Rich Tea, Krackawheat, Boasters, Ace, Riva, Taxi, Yo Yo, Tuc, Chocolate Gingernuts, Digestive Lights, Jamaica ginger cake,
We should bring back elevenses, one of the more civilised acts of British society, insist on tongs for sugar lumps and demand it is served with ginger nuts on doilies.
Ginger Nuts were a split second behind them, while Digestives held on for five seconds more and Chocolate Digestives took 11 seconds to disintegrate.
know that don't in the I've kept my promise ever since, although it doesn't stop me from leading the ridicule against us ginger nuts.
Let's celebrate local shops and their produce - every local store carries the ginger nuts in this recipe.
Named after the founder of Crabbie's, the drink hits soft drinks shelves next week and follows last month's launch of Ginger Mulled Wine and Savoury Ginger Nuts.
Makes 1 large cheesecake 150g digestives crumbed 150g ginger nuts crumbed 150g butter melted 700g cream cheese 350g good quality white chocolate 150 ml double cream Seeds from 2 vanilla pods or 1 tsp vanilla extract 75g caster sugar 120g stem/preserved ginger (bought in a jar in syrup) fi nely chopped