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a city in southwestern Switzerland at the western end of Lake Geneva

gin made in the Netherlands

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To enable us to see how far they eventually fall, the film gives each of the sisters a role in everyday convent life: Sister Fernanda cares for the donkey, and does the laundry; Sister Ginevra does the laundry, too, but also nervously spies on the other nuns for the Mother Superior, Sister Marea (Shannon); and Sister Alessandra (Alison Brie) is maybe better off--her father donates to the convent, and so she spends her time in a slightly more spacious bedroom, practicing her needlepoint and gazing out the window while imagining a happier future.
By True Love was Ginevra followed: never could she be alone.
The production questions the boundaries of gender in opera: after his supposed drowning, Ariodante comes back as a woman, reunited with Ginevra just as in the original story--leaving the audience to draw its own conclusions.
A family business since 1923, it is now Laura Ginevra who has ensured this small coffee shop and deli has captured the hearts of the locals.
The Italian Renaissance and its powerful Medici family serve as an intriguing backdrop as young Ginevra navigates her way through a patriarchal society focused on the creation of magnificent art and the accumulation of wealth.
Il libro di Toni Ricciardi, ricercatore presso l'Universita di Ginevra, ripercorre la storia dell'emigrazione italiana in Svizzera analizzata attraverso l'attivita delle associazioni degli emigranti italiani, in particolare quella della Federazione delle Colonie Libere Italiane in Svizzera.
The interdisciplinary group would offer a working hypothesis that these changes which resulted in odd facial proportioning may be due to an attempted new perspective construction first worked out in aspects of Leonardo's early Florentine Portrait of Ginevra de Bend.
When a young Brown accompanied then-director Walker on his quest to acquire Leonardo da Vinci's Ginevra de Benci in 1967, for example, Brown drew on his vast social connections to lubricate negotiations.
Should we read anything into the fact that his wife Ginevra has been perfectly happy to leave her husband and children behind in London?
En el ano 2011, aparecio una historieta "Mataderos 55", publicada en varias partes escritas por Rodolfo Santullo y dibujadas por Dante Ginevra.
option=com_k2&view=item&id=305682:glamorous-porn-star-found-chopped-up-inside-a-trunk-dumped-in-the-lake&Itemid=4#axzz358ZUqPIz) Malaysia Chronicle reports that the chopped body of Italian porn actress Ginevra Hollander - who is Federica Giacomini in real life - was discovered at the bottom of Lake Garcia.
Part of a new Fendi Casa collection unveiled at the reputed Maison & Objet Fairin Paris earlier this year, the Thierry Lemaire Ginevra coffee table can be a classy addition to your drawing room.
The guests --Obama had asked his hosts to put together a dinner of "interesting Italians"--included renowned architect Renzo Piano, particle physicist Fabiola Gianotti, Fiat heir John Elkann and his sister, Ginevra.
Ginevra Saylor, national director of knowledge management, Dentons Canada (dentons.
Bree Jimenez, PhD, Ginevra Courtade, PhD, and Diane Browder, PhD