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a city in southwestern Switzerland at the western end of Lake Geneva

gin made in the Netherlands

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In her choice of writers and works the editor seeks to display the rich patrimony of Italian women: their culture (see Dacia Maraini), their feminine sensibilities (see Ginevra Bompiani), and their immersion into reality (see Anna Maria Scaramuzzino).
Well, it is Ginevra - not Ginerva or Geneva, thank you very much - and it's an Italian name.
Inconttanente prese le sue armi e poi monttoe a cavallo e venne alia reina Ginevra per prendere conmiato da -lley.
In his portrait of Ginevra, recently betrothed and seeming older than her 16 years, he breaks with the profile convention to depict the sitter in three-quarter view silhouetted against a bush of juniper (ginepro in Italian, a punning reference to Ginevra's name).
Different flavours of Italy, from (left) Pardini's Hermitage, a secluded hideaway on the island of Giglio' Ca' Pisani, a temple to sleek art deco' the private palazzo of Filippo and Ginevra Niccolini, by the Duomo in Florence' Hotel Quartara, a white sugar-cube villa on island of Panarea, with stunning views of the volcanic isle of Stromboli' Mairiona Cotter is the editor of Room for Romance Italy (Riva Publishing, pounds 15.
And she continues to add roles: Ginevra in Handel's Ariodante in the 2002/03 season, and the title role in La veuve joyeuse; this past season, Elle in Poulenc's La voix humaine and the title role in Massenet's Thais.
She has also sung Liu in Turandot, Adina in L'Elisir d'Amore, Ginevra in Ariodante, and Madame Goldentrill in The Impresario.
The most original and convincingly argued chapter in my view is "Women in Gestes," which deals with a series of secondary female characters, in particular Ginevra, Gabrina, Drusilla, Isabella, Ullania, and Olimpia.
Among the pieces sold was the collection's most celebrated treasure, Leonardo da Vinci's portrait of Ginevra de' Benci (1474-76), which was bought by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, De, in 1967 for $5m, then the highest price ever paid for a painting.
Like Ginevra, he was owned by Charles St George and Peter Richards.
But conversely, in 1735 Albizzi warned Antonio Vivaldi not to include too many old arias in his resetting of Salvi's Ginevra, since it would reflect badly on him if they were recognized (p.
Shedd Institute education director Ginevra Ralph says the institute "is always looking for good used harps, horns, strings, woodwinds, percussion, accordions, pianos, banjos, amps - everything except organs.
She focuses on the two central themes of Lancelot's unconditional, but ill-fated, love for Ginevra and the quest for the Grail.
Suo fratello Pietro, anch'egli senza figli maschi, aveva una figlia, Ginevra, che, sposata a Marcantonio Serego, era madre di un maschio, Pieralvise.
Undoubtedly he was the one who was publicly known as a confettiere or candymaker, but the wife of Guglielmo Rossi, Ginevra, was clearly instrumental in the operation of the family business, or at least that is the view the gri eved widower presented to authorities as he tried to get compensation for his loss from those he blamed for his wife's premature death.