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United States feminist (1860-1935)

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We are elated, humbled and filled with gratitude to receive this extraordinary gift from the Howard Gilman Foundation.
com/8301-250_162-57551698/mustang-ranch-brothel-owner-lance-gilman-enters-public-office-proud-of-prostitution-business/) CBS News , Gilman is the first brothel owner to win an election for public office in Nevada in the state's 148-year history.
The column appeared three months after a judge had thrown out felony antitrust conviction against Gilman and McNenney.
Mrs Gilman went into Whiston Hospital in February 2009 complaining of shortness of breath and was diagnosed as having a pocket of liquid on her lung.
Both Gilman and Welch belonged to Skull and Bones, while Harvey Cushing was a member of Scroll and Key and may have turned down a tap from Bones.
Gilman will also take up a spot as the division leader of the company's preferred client group, while Eddy will join its employee benefits consulting team.
Mr Gilman, 26, is the son of property developer Peter Gilman, a former director of Leeds United who was a member of the football club's board from 1980 to 1996.
Gilman explained the appeal: 'It was the greater challenge--more difficult to find, appreciate, and sort out.
Jailing Gilman and banning him from the road for 10 years, Judge Rogers said no sentence could reflect the loss of such a man.
Laura Anne Gilman writes with a unique style and easily pushes our imaginations to the furthermost realms possible.
Gilman emphasizes that no "cookie cutter" approach works in the base design and construction of a field.
Gilman has chosen a different approach: to single out the most heterogeneous of Arundel's activities and interests, and to explore, often by associative reasoning rather than argument based on primary sources, the possible links between them.
I've been a pharmacist for over 30 years," says Condensed Curriculum International founder and President Sidney Gilman, "and what I've seen in the allied health industry is that practice precedes legislation.
Four years ago, Gilman founded the Alliance for Cellular Signaling, a coalition of scientists based in Dallas striving to build a virtual cell that will allow scientists to perform experiments completely on their computers.
Jeffrey Gilman, an expert on nanocomposites and flame resistance in polymers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, believes clay alone won't reduce flammability enough to allow for complete substitution for PBDEs; adding more clay does not yield a corresponding decrease in flammability, he says, and can yield a very rigid, concrete-like polymer.