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United States inventor and manufacturer who developed the safety razor (1855-1932)

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Integrated within Gameloft's games, this mini-game represents an original way of immersing oneself in the world of Gillette.
The new club, which builds on Gillette's original subscription service, is open to subscribers or nonsubscribers who want to receive Gillette benefits like deals and coupons, exclusive access to some of Gillette's most exciting campaigns, including sports and entertainment partnerships and celebrities, as well as helpful grooming and style content, according to the P&G brand.
Either way, Gillette was sentenced Tuesday to two consecutive life sentences for killing his father, 73-year-old James Frederick Gillette, and his father's domestic partner, 71-year-old Anne Dhu McLucas.
Gillette is helping the Wales team prepare with the new Gillette Fusion Power Stealth three-step process - prepare, shave and soothe - helping to create the perfect team.
5% during the tracked period, with industry leaders Gillette and Bic posting gains thanks to product improvements.
The company launched the Gillette Fusion Power recently, a razor with five blades, throwing down the gauntlet to rival Schick in the battle for the most blades.
But Gillette CEO Jim Kilts's sizeable gain--about $153 million--captured as many headlines as the megadeal itself.
King Gillette commissioned a famous architect, Wallace Neff, architect of California's Golden Age, to design the mansion and estate,'' Skei said.
New faces are arriving at Gillette everyday as we continue to attract, retain, and develop a workforce that represents the global makeup of the consumer markets we serve.
Gillette, President and CEO, Gillette Global Network.
Information has many different customers," says operations manager Mike Estrada, noting that Gillette developed its own customized production-reporting system to serve the many constituencies for process and production data.
In Villaroel, TC Memo 1998-247, a taxpayer terminated her employment with Oral B Laboratories (a subsidiary of the Gillette Company) in October 1994, after more than five years of service.
I got so excited at this chance to get in early on an analyst's best bet that I put in the Gillette order on the spot.
LONDON -- Following the global launch of the Gillette Football Club, Gillette has today announced a gaming partnership with UK-based social entertainment company, We R Interactive.
A judge on Thursday denied a defense motion to throw out the aggravated murder charges against Johan Gillette and began discussing what instructions to give the jury after closing arguments today.