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She therefore had three male nominees to hold the licence for her - Dick Poole (1952-53), Charles Jerdein (1954-56), who received the official credit for Gilles De Retz, and Peter Walwyn (1957-60), her first cousin who was also her pupil until starting to train on his own account.
Gilles De Retz was a big price for the 2,000 Guineas because he had a justifiable reputation for having the odd bout of moodiness.
While Helen Johnson-Houghton trained Gilles de Retz to win the 1956 2,000 Guineas when women were not allowed to hold the licence, Sly's achievements with Speciosa have been the focus of the Fens, yesterday's challenge being followed by three coachloads of well-wishers from Thorney and the surrounding villages.
Peter Walwyn officially got off the mark in the 1957 Coronation (now Brigadier Gerard) Stakes at Sandown with Gilles de Retz, and Neil Graham did so in the 1988 Champagne Stakes at Doncaster with Prince Of Dance, but they were assistants who held the licence for Helen Johnson Houghton and Dick Hern respectively.
Her training of Classic winners goes back to Gilles de Retz in 1956, and greats like Vincent O'Brien and Lester Piggott would be first to admit she is one of the greats too, and an equal among men.
Helen Johnson Houghton was the first woman to train a Classic winner: Gilles de Retz in the 1956 2,000 Guineas.
Helen Johnson Houghton won the 2,000 Guineas with Gilles de Retz in 1956, but that was ten years before Florence Nagle forced the Jockey Club to recognise women trainers, so the Classic victory of Fulke Walwyn's twin sister was unofficial.
TONY SAMUEL, who owned and bred shock 1956 2,000 Guineas winner Gilles de Retz, has died at the age of 83, writes George Ennor.
Other losses from the ranks of jockeys included Frank Barlow, who won the 1956 2,000 Guineas on Gilles de Retz, thereby making Helen Johnson Houghton the first woman to train a Classic winner in England.