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(fairytale) a monstrous villain who marries seven women

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21) For the life of and crimes of Gilles de Rais see J.
Elsewhere, the books contained thumbprints and grains of sand with intimateannotations onworkswhich Hitler valued, things which take us uncannily close to one of the world's greatest monsters, leaving you to wonder if Genghis Khan had a library, or Gilles de Rais, or even the Marquis de Sade.
Glowing heroine Yuko (Chiaki Kuriyama, of "Ju-on" and "Kill Bill" fame) cheerfully tools around town on her bicycle, greeting all she passes on her way to the Gilles de Rais salon (nothing like the name of a medieval serial killer to lend cachet).
Sin Huysmans no hay culto al abominable Gilles de Rais, mariscal de Francia que protagonizara la version multitudinaria y papista del culto ilustrado y un tanto mecanico que recibio el marques de Sade.
He cites a nineteenth-century work, Jacob's Curiosites de l'histoire de France, that includes the case of Gilles de Rais, executed in 1440 for the murder and mutilation, over a period of eight years, of some eight hundred children, who confessed that his acts gave him "inexpressible pleasure.
The monstrous Gilles de Rais, a Satanist who became a mass-murderer of children and the inspiration for the fictitious Bluebeard, was also among the dauphin's most trusted confidants.
They included Les Poemes de la folie (1930), a pioneering translation of Hoderlin's poetry realized in collaboration with Jouve, as well as works by Walter Benjamin, Kafka, Nietzsche (The Gay Science and Posthumous Fragments), Wittgenstein (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus), Paul Klee (Journal), Suetonius (The Twelve Caesars), Heidegger (On Nietzsche), The Trial of Gilles de Rais, Tertullian, and Virgil's Aeneid.
They are joined by killers from history such as Gilles De Rais and Jack The Ripper.
There is also a mention of a 'Gulles Der R' which is possibly a reference to a 15th-century alchemist, Gilles De Rais, who was executed after sacrificing children.
Perrault's version probably derived from Brittany and may have been based on the career of the 15th-century marshal of France Gilles de Rais and that of Comorre the Cursed, a 6th-century Breton chief, each of whom committed crimes similar to those in the Bluebeard stories.
Joan Anne-Marie Duff Archbishop of Rheims James Hayes Dauphin Paul Ready Dunois Christopher Colquohon Richard, Earl of Warwick Angus Wright Chaplain de Stogumberger Michael Thomas Bishop of Beauvais Paterson Joseph The Inquisitor Oliver Ford Davies Brother Martin Ladvenu Jamie Ballard Robert de Baudricourt Brendan O'Hea Bertrand de Poulengey Ros Waiton Lord Chamberlain James Barriscale Gilles de Rais Gareth Kennerley Captain La Hire Finn Caldwell Canon d'Estivet William Osborne Canon de Courcelles Simon Bubb The Executioner Jonathan Jaynes
figuras monstruosas en la historia de la humanidad surgen sin previo aviso para el lector, como una confluencia mas del terror (caso de Gilles de Rais y Richelieu).
Her analysis is studded with some sensitive readings of tangential but fertile concepts--Derrida on the hymen, Bataille on evil and Gilles de Rais, Irigaray on angels.
Other attractions include Athey's cocurator Vaginal Davis performing excerpts from her one-woman show, Bruce La Bruce reinacting the sex murders performed by the notorious Marshall of France, Gilles de Rais, and Kembra Phaler enacting a scene from Bataille's The Story of the Eye (an acknowledged influence on Bjork).