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a flat fishnet suspended vertically in the water to entangle fish by their gills

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Concern over commercial gill-netting grows as fishermen witness the deadly "fallout" of kingfish that bump into gill nets and fall to the bottom dead.
2) In Martinique, exploratory fishing experiments were conducted in 1986-87 on various parts of the shelf slope (100-300 m) and some observations were made in 1982 and 1988-91, mainly with gill nets and trammel nets (Guillou (3)).
Gill nets used in the bluefish fishery are drift gill nets 1800 m in length and that have a stretched mesh size of 90 mm.
In the Indian River Lagoon, neither the 183-m seine nor block nets were used; gill nets were used at fixed stations and stratified-random locations, and fewer total hauls were made with most types of sampling gear because portions of this program started one or two years later than Tampa Bay's program.
The associations between fish depth distribution and catchability observed in this study are consistent with conclusions on seasonal fishery dynamics from Skogsberg (1939) and others (McCorkle (6)), who have reported that gill nets traditionally were deployed near the surface until mid-October and then set along the bottom from mid-October to December as fish retired to deeper waters.
It's also rumored that gill netters are lobbying decision makers to "settle" the endless legal wrangling by allowing larger-mesh "seine" nets that would actually function as gill nets.
In Cordova, the company donates shipment of gill nets for the Copper River Watershed Project as well as aluminum cans and cardboard where proceeds from recycling go to the local high school.
Biologists must visit targeted lakes frequently for five years or more, catching trout with gill nets until all of them are gone.
The Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi (EAD) recently issued a new decree allowing the fishing of migratory fish using gill nets locally known as aACAyAl Ghazal'.
This summer, I visited fish camps on the Fraser, where men and women use gill nets, drift nets and dip nets--technologies thousands of years old--to harvest the keystone species and core traditional food of this region.
Slooten and her colleagues say one of the greatest threats to the Maui's dolphin is entanglement in gill nets --vertical mesh nets left in the ocean for long periods.
But an equally wasteful travesty is the little-known annual catch and incidental mortality of hundreds of thousands of seabirds each year in gill nets strung out for miles in many of the best fishing zones.
The abundance of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) found after rotenone application was better represented from boat electrofishing sampling than gill nets.
5 cm mesh gill nets that are deployed as drift nets and tend to land corvina less than 50 cm long.
Many of them die along the Visakhapatnam coast after getting trapped in the double-filament gill nets that are used by trawlers and now pollution is another major problem.