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a flat fishnet suspended vertically in the water to entangle fish by their gills

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Concern over commercial gill-netting grows as fishermen witness the deadly "fallout" of kingfish that bump into gill nets and fall to the bottom dead.
An even bigger problem is that gill nets can't distinguish between wild and hatchery-raised salmon.
2) In Martinique, exploratory fishing experiments were conducted in 1986-87 on various parts of the shelf slope (100-300 m) and some observations were made in 1982 and 1988-91, mainly with gill nets and trammel nets (Guillou (3)).
Gill nets used in the bluefish fishery are drift gill nets 1800 m in length and that have a stretched mesh size of 90 mm.
This time around, FRI said that using a single layer of gill nets, five fish were caught ranging in length from 26.
For the initial tests and system development, the project partners salvaged 450 kilos of heavily soiled material from the seabed before manually sorting it into coarse nets, fine gill nets and fixed ropes.
The area investigated was Jebel Aulia Dam two sets of gill nets were used to catch the fish the first set with mesh size ranging between 40 mm-120 mm and 1.
50 on Monday August 8 during a routine patrol we detained three men in possession of several large gill nets on the Mawddach Estuary.
The fishermen using gill nets are 65%, Set nets 20%, Trawl nets and other nets 10%.
Netters switched to cast nets instead of gill nets, a sea change that heralded historic new laws.
The deaths might have been caused by gill nets and trawler propellers," said forest officials who have stepped up patrolling in the sanctuary.
Table (1) shows that large boats, using Gill Nets fishing method, are full technically efficient with the assumption of variable return to scale, when they use engine of 40, 60, and 70 horsepower, while its TEvrs will decrease when using more power engines, see table (1).
We trawled during the day to characterize the fish assemblage in the shallows (Penaluna 2006), and we set gill nets overnight in Eelgrass locations parallel to the adjacent tidal channel to document nocturnal movements of larger fishes.