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The Senate members were appointed for a period of 8 years and half of them became renewable, every 4 years by drawing lots (Pencovici, 1883: 345-352; Gilia, 2007: 105-107; Radu, 2005: 21-22).
The origins of Gilia valvidensis and Gilia laciniata have been explored by Morrell et al.
If more hummingbird visits and greater pollen transfer translate to higher seed production for the plants, the results suggested, "hummingbird-pollinated plants such as scarlet gilia may indirectly benefit from noise," Francis said.
And here the blundering night-moth doth disclose The scented hollow where the currant grows, And there the murky bloom of gilia glows Like nuns at prayer, milk-white.
3 Some good choices include Brachycome iberidifolia, Mimulus, Calendula, Agrostemma (corncockle) Matthiola, Cosmos (Cosmea), Salvia horminium, Nigella, Clarkia, Godetia, Lavatera trimestris, Helichrysum, some ornamental grass mixes such as bunny's ears, sunflowers, love-liesbleeding, sweetpeas, Nemophila, Gilia, Gypsophila, candytuft, poppies, Linara, Linum grandiflora and Limonthes douglasii.
Globe gilia, lupine, Bigelow coreopsis and other wildflowers are also growing beside desert roads west of Lancaster and in the hills south of the reserve.
Your collection will include Clarkia Sundowner, Gilia Twilight, Limnanthes Scrambled Eggs, Nasturtium Campari 'n' Soda, Californian Poppy Gold Rush, Sweet Pea Pastel Parade and Sunflower Pots of Gold.
Scarlet gilia flowers start out red to attract hummingbirds.
The project comprises restoration of 65 acres of central maritime chaparral plant community, which supports scarce plants for example the sand gilia and threatened Monterey spineflower, as well as many endemic shrub species.
pripazintina, kad gilia recesija Lietuvoje paskatino ne tik pasauline ekonomine krize, bet ir vidiniai ukio raidos ypatumai, sietini su ekonomikos perkaitimu bei neatsakingo skolinimo ir spekuliavimo sukeltu nekilnojamo turto kainu burbulu.
Petrovo telegrama, kurioje jis isreiske gilia uzuojauta del sausio 13 d.
That's true even though species such as the flower Irwin studies, the scarlet gilia, produce fewer seeds after burglaries.
Sunday, May 24 National Collections of Polemonium, Collonia, Gilia and Leptodactylon (93 species and varieties) open in aid of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens, 28 Sunnyside Terrace, Trimdon Grange, Trimdon Station, 2-5pm.
Anobaith gilia draw o wely'r claf A hyder ddychwel ar ddynesiad haf, Daw iechyd eto'n l i'r tye o glai Mae meddyginiaeth yn awelon Mai.