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legendary Sumerian king and hero of Sumerian and Babylonian epics

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Seeing the photo showing Nedhal Al Atawi and the Gilgamish Theatre Group's play at the Cultural Hall, and also seeing the magic word 'free', (GDN, July 13) I decided to give it a try.
Dr Nadine added: "Snakes are associated with fertility, secrets of the underground or sea, rejuvenation and possibly connects with the myth of Gilgamish who went in search of the flower of eternity, which could have either been a pearl or a flower.
Stephen Langdon, The Epic of Gilgamish, PBS 10/3 (Philadelphia: University Museum, 1917), 219.
People acquired new identities and, in effect, became humanized as members of social systems--like Adam and Eve, Gilgamish, or Achilles.
If The Bible and Its Influence actually were an "Academic study of the Bible," as the editors claim, they would note what biblical stories were borrowed from other cultures (such as the Epic of Gilgamish as a forerunner of the biblical flood story).