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wildly comic and improbable as in Gilbert and Sullivan operas

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The pastiche, composite form of Gilbertian topicality works especially well in the figural construction of Bunthorne.
He made frequent allusions to the quirks of the law and those who practised it, not excluding the judiciary, whose behaviour recently has been somewhat Gilbertian.
With Baker in such solid form at present, it might be worth following Gilbertian (6.
The Gilbertian universe is topsy-turvy and logical at once.
However, the Ministry wished to protect schools from 'too many changes' and so examination boards are still to examine the two-tier curriculum in the three tiers developed in the 1980s to meet earlier curricular demands -- a Gilbertian state of affairs.
As the tower which Bromsgrove Council usually hires to BOS for use in its productions at the Spadesbourne Hall had failed health and safety requirements, and because, in a gloriously Gilbertian twist, the council could not afford to hire another from its own depot, it hired a suitably certificated one on the society's behalf, which had to be taken to Bromsgrove from West Bromwich and back on successive weekends.
The Shelleyan rhapsody is here followed by Gilbertian patter in anapestic heptameters that rhyme internally and terminally.