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a river that rises in western New Mexico and flows westward through southern Arizona to become a tributary of the Colorado River

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Assuming that the sighting was unremarkable at the time, Haxel made a casual annotation in the margin of his copy of Jaeger 0957) The North American Deserts, next to the description of the Gila Monster.
Drop camping had proven to be an ideal approach to Gila trekking for all of us: wilderness living without the worries.
The Gila trout was among the first species protected under the Endangered Species Act in 1973.
transferor provides with its next annual certification the new GILA and a notice of the transfer, setting forth:
During their visit to Gila River Telecommunications, the FCC officials toured the Gila River Indian community to see the important role that the universal service fund plays in sparsely populated areas and to discuss the challenges that come along with serving rural communities.
Jude McNally, assistant director at the Arizona Poison Control Center, confirms that Gila monsters can indeed be painfully poisonous.
Written (in Hebrew, with English subtitles) by Gila Almagor and Eyal Sher, with additional writing by Cohen.
Days later, as the brain becomes more complex, they wander along the radial gila or in oblique directions, as was demonstrated earlier.
The project will consist of 500/230 kV transformers at North Gila Substation, the 230 kV line, and a new 230/69 kV substation.
Cohen tells me she arrived at the Gila expecting to stay three months and has stayed eight years.