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Synonyms for watt

a unit of power equal to 1 joule per second

Scottish engineer and inventor whose improvements in the steam engine led to its wide use in industry (1736-1819)


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32 gigawatts from renewables by 2020, across wind, photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, and hydropower projects.
Some of the larger ones would need up to 30 gigawatts, he added.
Saudi Arabia has announced $109 billion (Dh400 billion) for the development of 41 gigawatts of solar power, as part of a wider plan to install 54 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2032.
For concentrating solar, which involves mirrors that heat steam to generate electricity, IEA reiterated its vision for about 1,000 gigawatts by 2050 from about four gigawatts now.
437 gigawatts of electricity to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Armenia, and Turkey, and imported 623 megawatts of electricity from Armenia and Turkmenistan yesterday.
8 gigawatts worth of new solar power systems projected in China this year exceeds that of Japan, the high price of equipment is expected to make Japan the largest market in terms of value, the report said.
5 gigawatts worth of solar, or photovoltaic (PV), systems were installed in Japan in the first quarter, up from 0.
Table 7: South Africa nuclear energy industry volume forecast: thousand gigawatts, 2011-16 18
The GCC's target to have a renewable energy market of 25 gigawatts by 2020 is unrealistic and government efforts to meet them may not be successful, according to Abhay Bhargava, head of energy at Frost & Sullivan.
2 gigawatts of capacity, Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecast.
Yesterday, Mr Davey admitted there were already enough turbines built or making their way through the planning system to meet the Government's targets to generate 13 gigawatts of power - enough to supply 10 million homes - through onshore wind farms by 2020.
ON UK had to say: "It could take 50 gigawatts of renewable electricity generation to meet the EU target.
The company sold a total of 12,562 gigawatts per hour (GW/H) of electricity during the month.
In order to meet an estimated 6 to 10% annual surge in demand for power, which is around eight gigawatts of additional capacity generation, GCC countries are projected to invest more than $300bn in some 20 energy projects by 2020, a Dubai-based English daily quoted leading energy experts as saying.
Germany is currently the world's biggest market for solar energy, with total PV installations of seven gigawatts accounting for over 40% of world market last year alone.