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a metric unit of capacity, formerly defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water under standard conditions

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It confirmed what prior studies had indicated: if the basin's aquatic plants and animals are to survive, if we're to prevent the river from being choked by salt and toxic algal blooms, we need to increase average annual flows by between 3,856 and 6,983 gigalitres.
But a small win was achieved in November when the federal government agreed to return 500 gigalitres of water to the Murray-Darling system, and commit $125 million to help restore the river to health.
The dam currently holds some six gigalitres of water, which is more than
Clean TeQ expects that this technology can contribute to the improvement in the quality of hundreds of gigalitres of additional water that can contribute to the "environmental" flow of the Murray-Darling basin.
It is seeking to purchase up to ten gigalitres of water so it can provide drought refuges for threatened wildlife and prevent irreversible environmental damage in the Wimmera-Glenelg systems.
For the mighty Murray-Darling Basin to be restored to health the river needs an extra 4000 gigalitres (10 Sydney Harbours) flowing down its course each year.
of the 1 million gigalitres falling in the northern catchments each year, about 65 per cent evaporates or transpires from soils, plants and water bodies.
We have long stated we will settle for nothing less than the agreed delivery of 3200 gigalitres down the system each year which we fought hard for because we know it is the minimum volume of water needed to keep this critically important river system in health, he said.
NSW agreed to release 148 billion litres (or gigalitres (GL)) of upper Darling floodwaters from the Menindee Lakes to help keep inflows to the lower Darling and Murray above critical levels.
This means that despite all the talk about the dire state of the Murray-Darling and the need for urgent action, almost no water will be returned to the stressed Murray River in the next term of government--delivering at best 200 gigalitres--while the science is telling us the river system needs at least 1,500 gigalitres just to have a moderate chance of survival.
864 gigalitres of Commonwealth environmental water allocations to irrigators in Victoria and South Australia.
5 gigalitres per year (GL/yr) are extracted from the Mangrove Mountain aquifer, a third of the 8 GL/yr extraction limit.
New South Wales' planned purchase of 80 to 125 gigalitres of water entitlements will make a significant contribution to the existing target to return 500 gigalitres of water to the Murray by 2009," said Dr Buchan.
Water and the River Murray Minister Ian Hunter said the State Government has identified up to 20 gigalitres of additional recycled water from its Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant that can be used by growers and other water users in the Northern Adelaide Plains region.