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anaphase backcross diakinesis segregate translocation mutation allele sequence phenotype locus oligonucleotide prophase chromomere nucleus meiosis pedigree replicon zygote genotype exonuclease cytogenetics codominance nucleolus Metric System decimeter quintal microgram dekagram teragram meter terameter megaliter milligram hectokilogram micrometer kilometer centiliter hectometer gram decimilligram kilogram nanometer liter microliter nanogram decigram gigagram centimeter gigameter kiloliter dekaliter picogram centigram megagram millimeter megameter deciliter centimilligram hectogram picometer dekameter picoliter teraliter
The study found approximately 793 gigagrams, or more than 15 million gallons, of mercury is frozen in northern permafrost soil.
An undesirable output: agricultural GHG emissions are obtained from the FAOSTAT database and expressed in gigagrams of C[O.
His study's estimates are that about 1,700 gigagrams (Gg) of methane come from 4,600 gathering facilities in the United States.
The study estimated methane emissions from the sector at 1,503 gigagrams per year (Gg/year), compared with 2,071 Gg/year reported in the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2012 Greenhouse Gas Inventory.