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It is also time to re-visit Herodotus' saying that "Egypt is a gift of the Nile.
The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that "Egypt was the gift of the Nile"; today travelers are invited to explore the city with The Gift of the Nile package, including accommodation in a Deluxe Nile Room, a dinner at Saigon Bleu, where guests partake of a sustainable menu with French-Vietnamese flavors, a day at leisure on the hotelEoACAOs rooftop pool featuring views of Cairo and the Nile, and dinner on a Falouka, a sail boat which cruises down the river.
But for detailed descriptions of the arts of ancient Egypt and faience in particular, 'the first high-tech ceramic' you need look no further than the marvellously evocative Gift of the Nile - Ancient Egyptian Faience by various authors, (Thames and Hudso n: pounds 42).
22) The famous Greek historian Herodotus wrote in the Fifth Century BC, "Egypt is the gift of the Nile.