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a certificate whose value is recognized by the payer and payee

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As for tips, consumers should consider discounted gift cards; realize general-purpose gift cards are costly; scour their drawers for buried gift card treasure; not pay for shipping; watch out for blurred lines; beware faux gift cards; understand that mobile is hot, but still not ready for prime time; and purchase gift cards with rewards.
For tax purposes, gift card and gift certificate sales are viewed as advance payments for goods and services.
6% of respondents saying they plan to give newlyweds a gift card to a home improvement store this summer, making them more popular than cards for spa/leisure experiences, restaurants, other retailers or online shopping.
A very popular gift-card offer is to give your customers a $10 gift card for every $100 they spend.
451-5(c) provides that a taxpayer generally may not defer advance payments for inventoriable goods beyond the end of the second tax year following the year the taxpayer receives a substantial advance payment such as a gift card sale (hence, a two-year deferral).
According to CashStar, the virtual gift card program makes Dippin' Dots the first national ice cream franchise to implement a completely Web-based gift card offering.
Prior to this holiday season, gift card fraud had been confined mostly to the actual theft of active gift cards or the use of stolen credit or debit card numbers to purchase gift cards.
The Postilion Card Issuer solution enables retailers to manage the entire life cycle of their gift cards, including traditional paper vouchers, gift card certificates, and electronic vouchers.
The second annual Gift Card Weekend is being held this coming weekend, January 4-6.
With an m-gift card, the surprised and grateful teen will be able to redeem his or her gift card instantly by presenting the text message to the cashier at the mall store the gift card is issued for.
The IRS has determined in a legal advice memorandum (20093801F) that a restaurant management company may not defer income recognition from the proceeds of gift card sales under Regs.
Gun stores and gift cards are a perfect fit, Hall says, because due to legal issues, "you can't buy guns for someone else, so buying a gift card just makes sense.
This article examines the varying accounting treatments for gift card sales and their subsequent redemption patterns.
and Charter One Bank, Atlanta, for Coinstar to distribute the Charter One MasterCard Gift Card through Coinstar gift card malls at retail locations nationwide.