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the idealized American girl of the 1890s as pictured by C

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6) For instance, the text accompanying Gibson Girl Barbie offers the information that America in the early-twentieth century was a time when "women were being seen more out of the home .
She was preceded by the Gibson Girl and Flapper Barbies in 1993 and followed by her "partner" in the following year, Southern Belle.
Yet Wharton's construction of Undine evokes the Gibson Girl image only to exacerbate the cultural fears she embodies, and consequently to undermine the values on which the status of her image depends.
Indeed, if in the Gibson Girl narrative marriage promises to manage the threat of uncontrolled female sexual and consumer desire, then Undine's perpetual speculating and sudden devaluations remind readers of their own insecurity in an economy increasingly subject to a volatile Wall Street.
The Gibson Girl remained the image of American beauty until World War I, when the flapper became the vanguard of fashionableness, prompting the late Dr.
The magazines she features in the chapter on dangerous women exclude some of the most significant purveyors of the Gibson Girl covers mentioned in the previous chapter.
Recently, park visitors sampled the first of his many ideas at the opening of three new restaurants - the Carnation Cafe, the Blue Ribbon Bakery and the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor.
A recurrent image shows a pretty young Gibson girl turning away her face while, when looked at from another mental angle, she metamorphoses into a crone shrouded in a babushka.
The S-curve blunted the athleticism and mobility of the Gibson Girl, and the obvious manipulation of the body necessary to create the S-curve silhouette was an easy target for anti-corset agitation which defended the "natural" body.
in April a renovated Carnation Cafe, a relocated Blue Ribbon Bakery and a new Nestle's Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor.
Gibson Girls and Suffragists: Perceptions of Women from 1900 to 1918.
The Lillian Russell collection is named after the glamorous light-opera star who was the toast of Tony Pastor's Opera House, the beje-welled lady of Diamond Jim Brady and the inspiration for the Gibson Girls.
Artists who mirrored American dreams, like Maxfield Parrish and Norman Rockwell, as well as those who dreamed up what now seem quaint sex fantasies, like George Petty, Alberto Vargas, and Tom of Finland, have become as distant as Victorian narrative painting and Gibson girls, which means we can start to look at them for both pure pleasure and more high-minded studies of art and culture.