Gibson Desert

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Western Australia [three: Great Sandy Desert, Gibson Desert, Great Victoria Desert]
The sandals were called mungar, in the language of the Wanman (Warnman) of the Rudall River area, and wdnya by their south-eastern neighbours of the Gibson Desert.
The first reference to this type of sandal was made in 1898 by the explorer, David Carnegie (1998:234), who collected one of a worn-out pair found while seeking water north of Patience Well in the Gibson Desert and approximately 300 km east of Lake Disappointment.
Filmed in the Gibson desert, the landscape is at once forbidding for European eyes and familiar to aboriginal eyes.
Australia has five great deserts--the Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert, the Great Victoria Desert, the Simpson Desert (or Arunta Desert) and the Sturt Desert--that occupy 20% of the continent.
There was an aboriginal bloke called Willy who had lived in the Gibson desert, western Australia, since he was a little boy and hadn't met white people.
Martu territory covers a vast area in the Gibson Desert, Little Sandy Desert and Great Sandy Desert.
Muntja lived most of her life in Wirrimanu Community, formerly the Balgo Hills Catholic mission, established in the early 1940s on the northwestern fringe of the Gibson Desert in Western Australia.