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a native or inhabitant of Gibraltar

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Other disputes have included the strict security checks at the Spanish border which created queues of up to eight hours for Gibraltarians, while Gibraltar has placed concrete blocks on the seabed around the territory to prevent perceived overfishing by Spanish boats.
Spain says it is considering measures such as a 50-euro ($67) border fee for people entering Gibraltar from Spain, tax investigations of Gibraltarians with property in Spain and restrictions on use of its airspace for flights going to Gibraltar's airport.
Such a fee could impose punitive costs on Gibraltarians who regularly commute into Spain to work.
The most dramatic display of Gibraltarian solidarity against Spanish rule occurred in a November 2002 referendum where 99 percent of Gibraltarians rejected joint-sovereignty.
Without Gibraltarian access, to be sure, the logistics of that crucial demonstration of resolve would not necessarily have been impossible.
Luckily for Gibraltarian shopkeepers it is almost impossible to miss the huge rock climbing starkly out of the sea, providing a striking landmark:
Borealis legal staff has determined that this press release is required to properly comport with our disclosure obligations under US, Canadian and Gibraltarian securities disclosure requirements.
Quay name an unchanged line-up following the debuts of Indian professional Usman Malvi and Gibraltarian Scott Chipolina in the draw at Horden last week.
Another Gibraltarian, Robert Menez, said the mayor was using the tensions in Gibraltar as a means of distracting people from Spain's high unemployment: "He could be taken seriously by some.
The move comes amid a worsening diplomatic row over the construction of an artificial reef by the Gibraltarian authorities which Spain claims will destroy fishing in the area.
The deployment of the fleet follows several weeks of political scuffling in the region, brought about on the back of allegations that Gibraltarian authorities had caused extensive damage to Spanish fishing grounds, following the creation of an artificial reef.
There have also been allegations of damage to fishing grounds caused by Gibraltarian authorities following the creation of an artificial reef.
Mr Garcia-Margallo said the proceeds could help Spanish fishermen who have lost out because of damage to fishing grounds allegedly caused by Gibraltarian authorities.
MICHAEL Griffiths and the Gibraltarian lady he met on holiday (Yesterday's Yourview) are quite entitled to be proud of their Britishness.
This is the primary question addressed by his study, which seeks to tease out the ethnic, environmental, economic, cultural, and formal and informal institutional aspects that have influenced Gibraltarian society, paying particular attention to the role of Britain and British imperialism in these processes.