Strait of Gibraltar

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the strait between Spain and Africa

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It was constructed in nine months in the style of a wreck of an ancient Phoenician ship found near Gibraltar Strait in the Mediterranean .
Moroccan authorities said that the objective of this cell was to carry out attacks on US and British warships in the Gibraltar Strait and on the Moroccan city of Marrakesh.
At its narrowest point the Gibraltar Strait is no more than 14 km wide and at times of lower sea level in the Pleistocene the gap would have been considerably reduced by the exposure of several offshore islands.
The year will begin in September 2014 in London, UK followed by visits to European ports and a passage through the Gibraltar Strait to the Mediterranean.
Tartous, Coastal Region (SANA) _The Phoenicia Ship on Saturday arrived in the Port of Arwad Island in the coastal Province of Tartous after finishing its 17,000- mile trip around Africa sailing through the Red Sea, the Cape of Good Hope and Gibraltar Strait.
Les Echos' states that, upon opening the plant in Tangier, next to the Gibraltar Strait, will have an annual production of 170,000 units, which may be taken up to 350,000 and even 400,000 units on a medium term.
The ship sailed through the Red Sea, the Cape of Good Hope and Gibraltar Strait in an attempt to revive the Phoenician heritage dating back to2600 years ago, carrying the message of peace and cultural communication that Syria has always been keen to spread throughout time.
In 1995, the Joint Committee for the Continental Link turned away from the idea of a suspended bridge due to factors identified by the National Company for Studying the Gibraltar Strait, including fears of interrupting marine navigation and the risk of automobile accidents.
Europe is currently linked to Africa only through a double, alternative-current line with a capacity of 1,400 megawatts under the sea at the Gibraltar Straits.
Police believe the criminals targeted Walliams knowing he would be in the studio on Friday night to talk about his highly-publicised charity swim across the Gibraltar Straits with rower James Cracknell.
Philip has no plans to slow down as this is just one in a series of huge birthday challenges, with plans to row the Gibraltar Straits next year, from the island to northern Africa and back.