Strait of Gibraltar

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the strait between Spain and Africa

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The fin whale is believed to be around seven or eight years old and is believed to have been washed to the Mediterranean through Gibraltar Strait.
The Sovereign visited the different facilities of the new centre which will contribute to improving the maritime traffic safety and efficiency and protecting environment in the Gibraltar Strait.
It was constructed in nine months in the style of a wreck of an ancient Phoenician ship found near Gibraltar Strait in the Mediterranean .
Despite the increasingly thuggish tones of Morocco's rhetoric, musing on whether it was still in Spain's interests to keep the "plagues" of illegal immigrants and terrorist threats south of the Gibraltar Strait, Madrid has shown remarkable patience with its neighbor.
It came after a Spanish patrol in the Gibraltar Strait noticed two machine guns from a British ship trained on a buoy with their national flag attached to it.
Giles Paxman, the British ambassador to Spain, was summoned to the Foreign Office in Madrid when the incident on HMS Scimitar was spotted by a local patrol ship in the Gibraltar Strait.
Aerial and terrestrial gravimetric surveys were carried out in the Gibraltar Strait Zone both in the northern and the southern sides between Spain and Morocco.
Increased ferry traffic across the Gibraltar Strait will also eliminate the dangerous sea journey now usually undertaken in overcrowded small boats, something that has put a block on the ambitions of many migrants.
The boundary conditions for the transport at the Gibraltar Strait is northeasterly (Lacombe, 1971; Lacombe and Tchernia, 1972; Preller and Hurlburt, 1982) and a normal outflow at the Sicily Channel.
Spain hosts a growing number of migrant workers from west and central Africa traveling through the Gibraltar Strait.
Moroccan authorities said that the objective of this cell was to carry out attacks on US and British warships in the Gibraltar Strait and on the Moroccan city of Marrakesh.
Follow her on Facebook at Frances Anderson - Gibraltar Strait Swim 2015
The Gibraltar Strait is a busy shipping zone used by up to 300 vessels daily and Frances will be calling on experience, having twice swum the English Channel - once in a relay and once solo.
The ship sailed through the Red Sea, the Cape of Good Hope and Gibraltar Strait in an attempt to revive the Phoenician heritage dating back to2600 years ago, carrying the message of peace and cultural communication that Syria has always been keen to spread throughout time.
Les Echos' states that, upon opening the plant in Tangier, next to the Gibraltar Strait, will have an annual production of 170,000 units, which may be taken up to 350,000 and even 400,000 units on a medium term.