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location of a colony of the United Kingdom on a limestone promontory at the southern tip of Spain

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A day or two will be spent here, enjoying the fruit and wild scenery of these islands, and the voyage continued, and Gibraltar reached in three or four days.
From Gibraltar, running along the coasts of Spain and France, Marseilles will be reached in three days.
Alicant, Carthagena, Palos, and Malaga will be passed but a mile or two distant, and Gibraltar reached in about twenty-four hours.
A ship bound for Australia had sent to the Sailors' Home for a stoker in place of one who had thrown himself overboard off Gibraltar in an attack of delirium tremens.
It was the ROCK OF GIBRALTAR, their largest and best boat.
You seem to know everything, so I expect that you know that I met her when she was a passenger and I was first officer of the ROCK OF GIBRALTAR.
We have selected a certain point--it is at present ze secret of our commanders--which we shall seize, and zen we shall establish a depot--a sort of inland Gibraltar.
And so it happened that on a certain day two vessels passed in the Strait of Gibraltar.
Three months afterward, in midwinter, he smote the north shore of the Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Greece in the same stupefying manner.
Well he remembered as a young man, in the harbour of Gibraltar once, how a girl--a handsome girl, too--had jumped overboard for a bet.
We haven't a ship worth a snap of the fingers from Gibraltar to Suez.
Here we were near Gibraltar, and not a word since the Solent.
The impression made upon the visitor by this Gibraltar of America: its giddy heights; its citadel suspended, as it were, in the air; its picturesque steep streets and frowning gateways; and the splendid views which burst upon the eye at every turn: is at once unique and lasting.
The municipalities in the area are hugely supportive of Gibraltar continuing to be an economic engine in the zone and the free flow of people and goods to and from Gibraltar is an important aspect of that.
3 square miles land mass, dominated by the 1,300-foot limestone Rock of Gibraltar, is one of the last remaining parts of the Empire.