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location of a colony of the United Kingdom on a limestone promontory at the southern tip of Spain

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Under Gibraltan law, online bookmakers can levy an administrative charge if you fail to access your account for a specified amount of time and can siphon off money from it just because you have failed to log in recently.
18 seed trounced Gibraltan 750-1 outsider Dylan Duo 3-0.
It is now a legal requirement that all online gambling sites dealing with real money gaming must be regulated by the government of where the games are hosted - for example; many online bookmakers operate out of countries such as Gibraltar due to laxer tax laws, as well as lower taxes and are therefore under the jurisdiction of the Gibraltan authorities for remote gambling.
But, having endured a pre-season he describes as the hardest he has known and banged four past Burton Albion and a hat-trick against the Gibraltan version of Newcastle United, Campbell is desperate to show his manager, the fans and even himself that he belongs at St Andrew's.
For Investor Relations contact: Gibraltan Financial (407) 834-9777
With Micky Orridge still missing the Albion also have to reckon without the services of Mark Cuskeran, but Gibraltan international Scott Chipolina makes a welcome return after a six-week absence.
Foreign Office Minister David Lidington condemned the "provocative incursion" into Gibraltan waters, which involved a Spanish state research vessel the RV Ramon Margalef.
Chief Inspector Cathal Yeats, of the Royal Gibraltar Police, said the boats met in Spanish waters and, despite efforts by British boats to stop them, crossed into Gibraltan waters before being "pushed" out again.
Other measures designed to cause a nuisance - and which have led to rebukes from British politicians - include Spanish police and Guardia Civil boats straying into Gibraltan waters.
Despite having to play on the back of a gruelling journey, Paramount defeated Gibraltan team FC Lions 3-1 and then Portuguese side Lusitanos 1-0.
We were at the Gibraltan Regiment training village, where we had come to watch the final stage of the FTX - the Army loves nothing better than a baffling acronym - where a platoon of soldiers was to descend at dawn and take out the enemy.
He said: "England should be co-operating with the Gibraltan government and the very least they can do is keep us informed and up-to-date about what is going on in these talks.