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Synonyms for gibbet

to execute by suspending by the neck

Synonyms for gibbet

alternative terms for gallows

hang on an execution instrument

Related Words

expose to ridicule or public scorn


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Line 223-224 - neuchtel - la chaux-de-fonds minimal remediation of the line and renewal of the gibet and combe-convers tunnels mandate of civil engineer - phases 32 to 53.
Here Ormodia began with it, bringing to Ondine a controlled fluidity and delicious intensifying and subsiding of power, to Le Gibet an hypnotic sense of monotone desolation, and to Scarbo pouncing articulation as she made light of its devilishly virtuosic demands.
au bois dormant," by deriving the musical material and formal strategy from a single motive in Manuet sur le nam d 'Haydn, and by translating poetic structure into the progress of musical events in "Le Gibet.
At intermission, the composer found Robert to congratulate him: "Finally, you play Le Gibet with the resonance, and especially the tempo, that I wanted, when all the others absolutely want to play it too fast.
The verses which in the 1852 manuscript read: "Dans ton ile, o Venus, je n'ai trouve debout / Qu'un gibet degoutant ou pendait mon image" (l073) speak, in the 1857 and subsequent editions of Les Fleurs, not of a "gibet degoutant" but of a "gibet symbolique.
Comme l'emploi du gibet etait tout a fait normal pour executer les condamnes en Belgique au [XVI.
The laughing, watery Ondine was beautifully colored while Le Gibet showed an acute rhythmic control that made the left hand bell-notes all the more stark and creepy.
sur la route qui part de cette etable pour aboutir a un gibet.