Josiah Willard Gibbs

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United States chemist (1839-1903)


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This corresponds to the case of planar dyadics in the 3D Gibbsian formalism [23, 24].
It contains new chapters on array-fed reflector antennas, connected arrays, and retrodirective arrays, and offers new and expanded material on topics such as artificial magnetic conductors, Bode matching limitations, scan element pattern measurement, finite array Gibbsian models, and beam orthogonality.
Analogous limit results hold for stabilizing functionals of Gibbsian input, provided that the potential decays fast enough [24].
In Ruelle (1988), conditions are derived that imply Brillinger-mixing of Gibbsian point processes with pair interactions.
In one case, there is a delicately structured, heated crystal inside an isolated system with Gibbsian constraints (no gravity or other extraneous influences).