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United States chemist (1839-1903)

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The Twitter conversation started when Ashwin posted a video promoting a shoe brand, to which Gibbs replied by saying that, hopefully the new shoes will make the off-spinner run faster.
A forensic report confirmed that Mr Gibbs was a driver at the time of the accident.
More from the NCIS Season 12, Episode 11 promo clip: Gibbs is seen in the crosshairs of the season's big villain, Sergei Michnev (Alex Veadov).
Gibbs (known familiarly as Willard, presumably to distinguish him from his father) grew up in the heady company of many Yale families who--along with their counterparts in Harvard--constituted the bulk of New England's intellectual elite in early America.
The Gunners boss is already without Laurent Koscielny and Mathieu Debuchy in defence and if Gibbs misses out then it leaves them desperately short.
Influenced by the landscapes that surrounded him during his long teaching career at the University of New Brunswick, Gibbs wrote many wonderful poems, the best of which have been collected here.
8220;The JV structure provides our clients the perfect combination of local expertise and connections that int/ext Communications has in Switzerland with the deep market understanding and business communications expertise that clients expect from Gibbs & Soell.
Prosecutors told the jury that Gibbs and the other soldiers dropped weapons by the bodies to make them appear to be combatants.
The statement read: "Following amicable discussions, and in the best interests of South African cricket, CSA and Gibbs have announced that they have agreed to terminate Gibbs' National Cricketer Contract by mutual consent.
Soldiers who served with Gibbs in Afghanistan told investigators he pressed his comrades to cut fingers off Afghan corpses, and kept at least two fingers wrapped in cloth hidden in an empty water bottle, according to the Post.
In his daily speech, Robert Gibbs said, there would attend 47 countries including Turkey to the Nuclear Security Summit which will be held in Washington next week.
KIERAN GIBBS has revealed his ambition to add to the sequence of Arsenal left-backs who have won international honours.
The swine flu outbreak could be hitting close to home for the Obama administration, spokesman Robert Gibbs disclosed this afternoon.
A CHOIR formed by the late Tony Gibbs is to carry on singing in his memory - because that's what he would have wished.
Joe Gibbs was asked by reporters at Chicagoland Speedway over the weekend if he had any advice for Tony Stewart about how to run a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team.