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English historian best known for his history of the Roman Empire (1737-1794)

smallest and most perfectly anthropoid arboreal ape having long arms and no tail

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Preservationists describe the gibbon as a species under threat.
She adds that syntax in gibbon songs falls short of that in language, which uses words to serve specific functions in sentences as well as to refer to features of the world.
Gibbon was 17 when he was arrested and charged with the murder of Nathan Cook, a 43-year-old who also lived in Peterlee.
Instead of using syntax to organize a sprawling collection of words, he says, gibbons use syntax--putting notes into different patterns--to add complexity to the small number of sounds that they can make.
The Sioux: The Dakota anal Lakota Nations, by Guy Gibbon.
That said, the authority of Gibbon is often overdrawn.
On July 28, 2003, an acute and disabling neurologic disorder developed in a captive 49-year-old male white-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar) from the Miami Metrozoo in Florida.
Congratulations to Mr Rhodri Gibbon and his team the "Early Birds" who are this season's Celtic League Champions.
Scientists from the German Primate Center analysed more than 400 samples of crested gibbon song including 92 duets and analysed them using 53 acoustic parameters.
THe Goodies' classic ode to the ape The Funky Gibbon is to be relaunched to raise cash to help protect the primate.
Summary: One visitor to Memphis Zoo has had a closer encounter than he might have liked with a territorial male gibbon.
He also asks if these chapters show that Gibbon was not as yet fully in control both of his subject and of his resources.
A team from the German Primate Centre studied gibbon songs from Asian rainforests in China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.
Peat-swamp forest has recently been recognized as an important habitat for the Southern Bornean gibbon (Hylobates albibarbis), but information is scarce on the factors that link gibbon density to characteristics of this unique ecosystem.
A TINY ape has been gibbon the chance of survival thanks to caring Midland zookeepers.