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a plant hormone isolated from a fungus

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Structures of Gibberellins A26 and A27 in immature seeds of Pharbitis nil.
Paclobutrazol affects on petiole length via inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis so reduction in cell elongation occurs (Braun and Garth, 1986).
Hormones discussed include cytokinin, gibberellins, auxins, polyamines, and growth regulators used for improvement work, such as mefludide, uniconazole, and ethiphon.
Reduced aeration affects hormonal synthesis in the root system, resulting in reduced production of exportable cytokinins and gibberellins and enhanced production of abscissic acid (Kramer and Boyer, 1996).
The physiological mechanisms by which dwarfing rootstocks affect fruit characteristics can be due to the reduction in transport of nutrients and hormones, especially gibberellins across the scion/rootstock union.
The same response is seen in Arabidopsis where changing the daylength regime in a growth cabinet, from short days to long days, causes gibberellins to increase in the shoots: the leaves `sit up', elongate and the plant flowers.
More than 80 different natural gibberellins have been identified.
Marcotte adds that the group's results complement other researchers' findings that similar master switches influence the response to other hormones -- including ethylene, which promotes ripening, and gibberellins, which affect growth.
2009), gibberellins (Krauss & Marschner, 1982; Carrera et al.
Aloe vera contains Gibberellins (a plant growth hormone) promotes wound healing by increasing protein synthesis by binding to a section of DNA and consequently affecting the copying of DNA so as to make protein [9].
Morphological functions of gibberellins in leptosporangiate fern gametophytes: insights into the evolution of form and gender expression.
Ireland CR and HC Passam Effects of exogenous batatasins, batatasin analogues and gibberellins on the dormancy of stored tubers.
SEATTLE -- A Seattle-based international hydroponics nutrients company is conducting innovative hydroponics plant science research with ultra expensive auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins and other plant growth substances.
com/research/xpd698/plant_growth) has announced the addition of the "Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) Market (2015 - 2020) By PGR Type (Cytokinins, Auxins, Gibberellins, Ethylene/Ethylene Releasers, Mepiquat Chloride); By Crop Type (Row Crops, Fruits and Vegetables, Turfs and Ornamentals) & By Geography" report to their offering.
Recent works studied treatments with silver thiosulphate (STS) [19], gibberellins (GA), cytokinins (CK) [9,10,17], accel (BA+GA4+7) [16], thidiazuron (TDZ) [5], ethanol, methanol and essential oils [15].