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very large tortoises of the Galapagos and Seychelles islands

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Over the past 50 years, more than 5,000 giant tortoises have hatched in the archipelago as a result of a breeding program on the second biggest GalEipagos Island, Santa Cruz, according to Ecuador's environment ministry.
Bird Island, besides having more than 1 million nesting sooty terns from April to November, has a resident 150-year-old giant tortoise, the oldest on record anywhere.
Taking a conservation education approach to issues that landed the Galapagos Islands on UNESCO's World Heritage in Danger list, Natural Habitat Adventures' year-round Classic Galapagos tours and summer Family Galapagos Adventure include the exclusive chance to overnight in a tree house and tented camp amid giant tortoise habitat.
You can simply relax and unwind, take time to follow the slow progress of the giant tortoises, listen to the birdsong and watch the antics of the brilliant green geckos.
Paradoxically, Jenkins (1995) states that there has been a dramatic increase in the export of the Malaysian giant tortoise from Kalimantan since the late 1980s, resulting in high prices.
As The New York Times reports, in recent months fishermen agitated over 1998 laws limiting the catch of sharks, lobsters and sea cucumbers have attacked conservation centers, harassed tourists and even kidnapped some of the islands' emblematic giant tortoises.
GALAPAGOS: ISLANDS OF CHANGE BBC2 8pm David Attenborugh narrates this Natural World film about the islands off the coast off Ecuador, which are home to exotic animal species such as giant tortoises and lizards.
Plus TV character days galore, flying displays in the Falconry Centre, hundreds of friendly animals, cute baby animals and giant tortoises and scary snakes.
Curieuse Island Curieuse Island is one of the greatest places on earth where you can witness the giant tortoises roaming freely.
Most famously, there's the giant tortoises after which the islands were named.
London, June 23 ( ANI ): Giant tortoises in Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire are being trained to walk faster, so they can get to bed more quickly.
An array of unusual animals are on show, from giant tortoises to meerkats.
This part of Simon's journey concludes in the Seychelles, where he meets an Englishman who built the world's smallest national park, populated largely by giant tortoises that started life in his bedroom.
Some 20,000 giant tortoises of other subspecies still live on the Galapagos.