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any of numerous herbivorous nonpoisonous arthropods having a cylindrical body of 20 to 100 or more segments most with two pairs of legs

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We liked the giant cockroach, snake and giant millipede best.
Among the scary bugs were a Chilean Rose tarantula, a West African giant millipede, scorpions, a corn snake from Florida, and a land snail which grows to the size of a man's fist.
The animals looked in great condition and didn't seem frightened; Scott and Amber were reassuringly calm and patient with us and all the members agree that it was a fantastic evening with an hour of photo opportunities with the following animals: snake, meerkats, chameleon, bearded dragon, armadillo, praying mantis, baby crocodile, giant millipede and giant snails.
To keep up their levels of sales growth, Apple and all the other smart watch manufacturers will be reduced to offering one free giant millipede with every 500 watches sold, as the average millipede has about 250 legs and I doubt that we could get more than two watches on each leg.
Rounding out this year's list are a vibrant poppy, a giant millipede and a blue tarantula.
A venomous jellyfish, giant millipede, parasitic wasp and a tiny worm that lives almost a mile underground alsomakethe top 10, alongside a fungus named after cartoon character Sponge-Bob.
Mini beasts on display include a hissing cockroach, giant millipede, corn snake and Mr Jelly Belly the tree frog.
The mini-beast handling session saw the youngsters getting to grips with a tarantula, a giant millipede, stick insects and hissing cockroaches.
Jenny's hungry housemates include 40 tarantuas, a clutch of huntsman spiders, 20 scorpions, a colony of Madagascan hissing cockroaches, assorted giant millipedes and six hermit crabs.
Children will be able to learn firsthand about many kinds of insects, including walking sticks, African giant millipedes, tarantulas and Madagascar hissing cockroaches.
The line up includes: "Snakes are Super" on July 8; hands-on experiences with exotic animals under the guidance of Matthew Gabriel on July 15; Reptiles Rock with such animals as alligators and tortoises on July 22; Out of Africa, with African wildlife such as hissing cockroaches and giant millipedes, on July 29; and Birds In Their Habitat by Henry Lapin Aug.
Plants had colonized dry land, and arthropods such as giant millipedes and wingless insects scurried through the resulting ecosystems.
A baboon spider, African giant millipedes, tarantulas, prairie dogs and macaws are all available to view.
The free event will feature live tropical insects and animals including giant African land snails, giant millipedes, hissing cockroaches, scorpions, a blue tongue skink and tarantulas.
We know about giant millipedes at the time but this is something quite different.