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extremely lofty evergreen of southern end of western foothills of Sierra Nevada in California

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Most of the giant sequoia trees that drivers associate with the Pioneer Parkway median will be spared, although the fate of two at the southeast corner of Centennial Boulevard and Pioneer Parkway East is unknown.
For years Sierra Club activists fought to protect the giant sequoia ecosystem from logging and road building in the national forest and park that had been set aside for it.
And unlike more obscure forests, much of the public is familiar with California's giant sequoias and the rare wildlife species--like peregrine falcons and spotted owls--that depend upon them.
Although the most famous giant sequoia trees stand in Sequoia National Park, the Forest Service actually has more acres of sequoia groves in the Sequoia National Forest.
Giant sequoias are naturally flame-resistant, and most of the area's trees show scars from past wildfires, though officials hoped to keep the latest blaze out of Grant Grove -- a premier park attraction, Garnier said.
Giant sequoias currently grow in a narrow belt of the Sierra Nevada in nearly 80 groves, many of which are protected by Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks.
A four-hour drive east from San Francisco, Yosemite National Park is internationally recognised for its awe-inspiring granite cliffs, spectacular waterfalls and giant sequoia groves.
April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Sequoia Grove Winery is proud to announce a partnership with the Sequoia Parks Foundation (SPF) through the development of the Sequoia Grove Winery Save a Tree Campaign , continuing the winery's longtime commitment to preserving both its natural environment and the future of giant sequoias.
That is partly because it grows in a forest of giant sequoias with a number of them indistinguishable in size by the eyeball method.
June here is still very much spring, with snowy white yuccas in bloom, rivers and waterfalls at their wildest, and dogwoods dotting meadows beneath giant sequoias.
You can ski in winter at nearby Bear Valley, play golf at six local courses, marvel at the giant sequoias at Big Trees State Park, go rafting on the Stanislaus River, pan for gold, sip wine at many area wineries or explore the depths of Mercer Cavern.
This National Monument is designed to save the last unprotected giant sequoias along with the surrounding forest ecosystem, and the wildlife and cultural artifacts found there.
Eighty-percent of the park is accessible only by foot trails and favorite hikes include the many grove trails winding around more than 500 commanding Giant Sequoias, including the largest living tree in the world -- the General Sherman Tree in the Giant Forest.
You'll find spectacular caverns, giant sequoias, award-winning wineries, and year-round recreational opportunities and cultural events.
Taller, wider, and older trees exist elsewhere, but the giant sequoias, which grow only in the southern section of these California mountains, possess more volume--and, arguably, more grandeur--than any other species of flora on Earth.