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(geology) a long winding ridge of post glacial gravel and other sediment

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Some 12% were stumped by Stonehenge, while the distinctive Cerne Abbas giant hill figure in Dorset was only correctly picked out by 51%.
MORPETH PARK Picnics galore, down Morpeth Park Kids by the dozen, all eager to take part Ice cream and doughnuts all in a row Counting the ducks on the river below Rowing boats a plenty, pretty birds flying high So much to see, as we look to the sky 'Painted Penguins' circling right round the pool Mouths all wide open awaiting the food Sweet sounds of laughter and kids having fun The giant hill slide that is second to none Roundabouts and swings, climbing frame and sand pit A fun day out and not to be missed
We have created a film on a tiny budget which comes complete with battle scenes, orcs and even a giant hill troll," she added.
Hovering in the distance was a giant hill u Qin's tomb.
Bobsled - Sled Run - Slide down a giant hill on a fast and fun toboggan run.
CERNE Abbas Giant hill figure with erect phallus is carved into cliffs in Dorset - where it remains today.